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Plymouth County Supervisors Minutes & Claims — November 16, 2021

Plymouth County Board of Supervisors
November 16, 2021
Le Mars, Iowa

The Plymouth County Board of Supervisors met in the Boardroom on November 9, 2021 at 9:30 a.m. All members were present; except Don Kass. All votes following are aye unless otherwise indicated. Vice Chairman Craig Anderson called the meeting to order and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Motion by Meis, seconded by VanOtterloo, to approve the November 16, 2021 agenda. Motion Carried.

Motion by Horton, seconded by Meis, to approve the minutes of the November 9, 2021 meeting. Motion Carried.

Motion by Horton, seconded by VanOtterloo, to approve 11/12/21 & 11/15/21 payrolls and claims paid on 11/16/21. Motion Carried.

Motion by Meis, seconded by Horton, to approve the 2021 2nd Tier City/School election canvass for Kingsley Pierson School District and Remsen Union School District with results as following:

For the Office of Director At-Large there were five hundred and seventy-four votes cast as follows:
Plymouth County – Lindsay Letsche received ninety-seven (97) votes; Jason Collins received one hundred and seventy-one (171) votes; Melissa Harder received sixty-six (66) votes; Megan Plendl received one hundred and thirty (130) votes; scattering received (1) one.
Cherokee County – there were no votes cast.
Woodbury County — there were one hundred and nine (109) votes cast as follows: Lindsay Letsche received sixteen (16) votes; Jason Collins received thirty (30) votes; Melissa Harder received forty-five (45) votes; Megan Plendl received eighteen (18) votes.
We therefore declare Jason Collins and Megan Plendl each to be duly elected for the office of Director At-Large.

For the office of Director At-Large there were six hundred and forty-four (644) votes cast as follows:
Plymouth County — Talon Penning received one hundred and ninety-nine (199) votes; Jason Steven Loutsch received one hundred and sixty-seven (167) votes; Chris Poeckes received one hundred and nineteen (119) votes; Eric Harpenau received one hundred and fifty-three (153) votes; scattering received four (4) votes.
Sioux County – Jason Steven Loutsch received one (1) vote; Talon Penning received one (1) vote.
We therefore declare Talon Penning, Jason Steven Loutsch and Eric Harpenau each to be duly elected for the office of Director At-Large. Motion Carried.

Motion by Horton, seconded by Meis, to approve 2021 Family Farm applications. Motion Carried.

Roxanne White & Chris Dodd of Evertek was present to discuss a wireless internet project in Plymouth County seeking $1.2 million in ARPA funds.

Motion by Meis, seconded by VanOtterloo, to approve the Veteran Affairs Annual report for FY 2020-21 as presented by VA Director Jim Jones. Motion Carried.

Motion by Horton, seconded by VanOtterloo, to approve HLB Addition in Section 24 of Preston Township. Motion Carried.

Motion by Meis, seconded by Horton, to approve a Resolution #111621-1 and Title VI program documents. Meis-aye; Anderson-aye; Horton-aye; VanOtterloo-aye; Kass-absent. Motion Carried.

Motion by VanOtterloo, seconded by Horton, to approve a permit to Premier Communications in Section 21 on C12. Motion Carried.

Motion by VanOtterloo, seconded by Meis, to approve a permit to Premier Communications in Section 25/26 in Washington township on Kestrel Ave. Motion Carried.

The Board of Supervisors adjourned the meeting at 11:15 a.m.

Stacey Feldman, Plymouth County Auditor
Craig Anderson, Vice Chairman

Plymouth County – Claims paid on 11-16-21
A & M Laundry SHOP SUPPLIES 61.00
AgriVision Equipment JD tractor repairs/radio 1432.60
Kenneth Ahlers GROUNDS 703.92
Allied Oil & Supply oil 2634.00
American Legion Emblem flags 106.80
Craig Anderson election runner 51.28
Doris Arndt election official 170.00
Connie Arnold election official 180.90
Natuasha Banks election official 156.80
Robyn Banks election official 286.08
Barry Becker Drywall Finishing labor for repairs 100.00
C.A. Bartolozzi election official 180.00
Bauer Built TIRES & TUBES 540.10
Carol Beckwith election official 170.00
Cole Beitelspacher election runner 40.00
Linda Beitelspacher election official 221.10
Michelle Bohlke election official 190.72
Lonnie Bohlke election runner 93.19
Bomgaars fence posts 437.05
Sheryl Brooks election official 105.90
Judy Brouwer election official 190.00
Susan Brown election official 205.00
Bugman Pest & Rodent Control pest control 50.00
Jim Bybee Law Office attorney fees 239.40
Karen Carlson election official 165.00
Central Plains Diesel Services PARTS 1650.00
Coban Technologies new vehicle parts 142.00
Cornhusker International FILTERS 597.86
Creative Serv of New England supplies 214.95
Culligan Water water conditioner repairs 1211.93
CWD kitchen supplies 2337.76
The Dailey Stop fuel 147.75
Peggy DeBoer election official 210.16
Tim DeBoer election official 190.00
Henry Delfs election official 165.00
Susan Delfs election official 213.00
Victoria DeVos misc. reimbursements 90.22
Document Depot shredding 90.00
Eakes Inc. supplies 194.88
Easy Clean Car Wash car wash 20.83
Fareway kitchen supplies 301.33
Farmers Coop-Craig fuel 1017.96
Fastenal supplies 156.05
Stacey Feldman supplies 40.43
First Coop Assoc. fuel 49.71
Floyd Valley Hospital ER service 575.00
Woodward Youth Corporation juvenile services 933.00
Forestry Suppliers repellent 115.36
Forterra CONCRETE PIPE 4891.00
Sharon Frerichs election official 243.00
Frericks Repair fuel 4029.42
Frontier phone services 1504.47
Jack Frus election official 180.00
Kathy Frus election official 170.00
Sue Gabel election official 213.00
Carol Garvin election official 170.00
Judy Gates election official 185.00
GCC Alliance Concrete PIPE CULVERTS 463.00
Marlene Gearke election official 201.72
Jolynn Goodchild misc. reimbursements 279.76
Jean Grage election official 158.96
Jamie Hauser mileage 302.24
Vicky Hemmelman election official 85.00
Gayle Henrich election official 233.60
Susan Henrich election official 190.00
Madalyn Hewitt lodging/conference 239.08
City of Hinton UTILITIES 140.19
Brent Hobson GROUNDS 285.00
Horizon Distribution car wash card 50.00
Gary Horton election runner 73.60
Susan Hoss election official 348.80
William Hoss election official 265.60
Cindy Hughes election official 161.20
Bob Hughes GROUNDS 380.00
Iowa DOT BLADES 9267.68
Iowa County Attorney’s Case ISAC annual fee 5000.00
Iowa Prison Industries car decals 205.70
I-State Truck Center FILTERS 235.84
Jack’s Uniforms uniform 234.75
J-W Tank Line fuel 1201.21
Kellen Excavation GRANULAR 2639.84
DuRetta Kelly election official 133.74
Klass Law Firm legal fees 171.62
Gerry Sue Krienert election official 167.50
Kunkel Cleaning cleaning services 2580.00
L & L Builders courtroom renovations 110,869.75
Lampert Lumber supplies 473.95
Jackie Langel election official 196.72
Joyce E. Langel election official 165.00
Yvonne Law election official 145.00
City of Le Mars utilities 682.62
Le Mars Daily Sentinel advertisement/publications 2257.40
Karla Less election official 221.26
L.G. Everist Inc. GRANULAR 2640.11
Marilyn Marx election official 191.20
Kathy McCrary election official 170.00
Robert McCrary election official 170.00
Menards diesel/grease 404.04
MidAmerican Energy utilities 4778.23
Midwest Wheel FILTERS 1451.86
Mike’s Inc. fuel 4639.09
Sue Miller election official 202.06
MLS & Associates platting refund 300.00
David Moller GROUNDS 180.00
Pam Nemmers election official 70.00
Gerry Neuroth election official 195.00
Nancy Nielsen election official 185.00
Sharon Nieman reimbursements 89.20
Northern Lights Foodservice kitchen supplies 425.34
Northside Glass Service OUTSIDE SERVICE 373.34
Shawn Olson software, supplies 578.19
Mark Oltmanns GROUNDS 1440.00
One Office Solutions supplies 381.67
City of Oyens UTILITIES 60.00
Cary Penning election official 70.00
Charlene Peterson election official 185.00
Mary Lou Peterson election official 194.64
Arlie Pick election runner 31.20
Ply. Co. Board of Health pass thru grant 2230.68
Ply. Co. Solid Waste Agency hauling/assessments 33,250.28
Ply. Co. Treasurer flex benefit reimb 1793.19
Pomp’s Tire Service TIRES & TUBES 1224.00
Linda Popken election official 221.10
Annette Pottebaum election official 31.20
Premier Communications phone service 2214.59
Quality Lube Center service 57.35
Quick Supply MISC. 730.00
Darin Raymond conference expenses 850.16
City of Remsen UTILITIES 142.20
Remsen Bell Enterprise publications 822.54
Janice Renken election official 48.40
Joan Renken election official 48.40
Kathy Renken election official 63.74
Rexwinkel Funeral Homes county burial 1250.00
Richards Construction construction project 137,811.78
Mary Roder election official 193.40
Thomas Rohe MEALS/LODGING 238.64
Rolling Oil oil 4464.25
Sapp Bros. Petroleum fuel 15,635.38
Sue Schwartz election official 213.00
Shred-it shredding 68.30
Sioux County Attorney shared expense 599.03
Shelly Sitzmann misc reimbursements 257.86
Valerie Smith election official 200.90
Southern Sioux County RWS UTILITIES 145.68
Stan Houston Equipment SUPPLIES 213.00
Luke Steeg OFFICE CLEANING 74.00
Stellar Industries PARTS 1283.36
Stone Group Architects architect fees 529.12
Ten Point Construction PORTLAND CEMENT CONCRETE 166,693.80
Mike W. Tentinger election official 204.64
The Radar Shop recertified lidar unit 79.00
The Record minutes – Oct. 2021 183.00
Thomson Reuters West IA & Fed court rules 2142.32
Steve Thomson election official 191.88
Union County Electric tower 85.00
UnityPoint Clinic SAFETY 378.00
USIC Locating Services locate service 225.51
Mike VanOtterloo election runner 32.32
Van’s Sanitation garbage pickup 204.75
Carolyn Vance election official 200.00
Verizon Newark data fee 14.04
VISA repairs and gas 137.51
Duane Wachter election official 273.04
Mary Wachter election official 178.40
Wagner Auto Supply antifreeze/plug 186.68
Duane Walhof cell phone allowance 60.00
Kathy Weiland election official 213.70
WesTel trunkline 368.74
Woodbury Co. Sheriff service 48.00
Northwest Iowa YES Center juvenile shelter care 2655.00
Zep Manufacturing SHOP SUPPLIES 1110.75
Ziegler Inc. PARTS 1181.53
Judy Zoeller election official 87.50

Published in The Record
Thursday, December 9, 2021

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