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Rep. Tom Jeneary — 2022 Legislative Session Preview


I’m really looking forward to this legislative session. I really think that we have an opportunity this year to pass meaningful legislation to lower the tax burden on Iowans, address the worker shortage which includes the childcare needs in our community and broadband service to rural areas. I hope to work on solutions to all of these issues while keeping our government smaller because I believe that a smaller government is a better one.

As I prepare for the legislative session this year and I look forward to discussing these things and others at townhall meetings during the legislative session. As always, I encourage you to reach out to me with questions, comments or concerns at If you are in the Capitol during session, please don’t hesitate to send in a note or contact me ahead of time as I always try to meet with my constituents when they’re in the Capitol.

Representative Tom Jeneary

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