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Bronson City Council Minutes — May 10, 2022

Bronson City Council
May 10, 2022
Bronson City Hall Chambers

Meeting called to order at 6:00 PM by Mayor Jason Garnand. Council members answering roll: Doug Williams, Dave West, Brandi Jessen, Jamie Amick, and Chad Merchant. Attorney Metcalf was present.

Woodbury County Sheriff’s report: The Woodbury County Sheriff’s Office conducted directed patrols in Bronson totaling 30 hours and 06 minutes for April. Deputies responded to 2 calls of service. Additionally, deputies spent 6.5 hours performing school related activities.

Visitors: Rebecca Socknat from Emergency Management Woodbury County was present to introduce herself to the mayor and council.

Ambulance: Nick said the power cot should be here May 18th. Nick reported they had 5 calls of service last month. Supplies for the ambulance have been ordered. Nick reported that the meeting with PCC here at the community center on April 19th went very well. 9 different ambulance services were in attendance.

Water/Sewer: He has water tower inside cleanout and inspection scheduled for June 2-5th. Notifications will go out to residents to conserve water on those days. Nick had a couple quotes on cleaning the exterior. Council discussed the matter and will have Nick contact Maguire Iron to see if they can clean the exterior of the water tower while they are here to clean the inside.

Maintenance: CJ was present. Refrigerator at the shelter house broke so it was replaced by a used one that someone had donated. Randy Amick said he would work on putting up the new swing set. Storm drain in front of the bar needs fixed. CJ will get with Randy Amick to see if he can repair. There was a motion from Councilman West and a second from Councilwoman Jessen, with all council present voting yes, to have the storm drain fixed up to the agreed limit of the council. Councilman West fixed both toilets that were leaking in the shelter house.

Minutes: There was a motion from Councilman Amick and a second from Councilman Williams, with all council present voting yes, to approve the minutes for the April 12th regular meeting.

BY FUND               BY FUND
Interest earned
25729.32                 2389.05
2356.68                    1558.22
Road Use Tax
3432.51                     326.02
2366.73                     354.10
8901.24                   1878.90
1825.03                   1830.18
Local Option Sales Tax
3306.39                      0.00
Debt Service

There was a motion from Councilman West and a second from Councilwoman Jessen, with all council present voting yes, to approve the Treasurer’s financial report.

Badger Meter parts for water meters $54.00
Bomgaars shelter supplies $86.90
CHN garbage $1558.22
CHN roll offs $914.40
Flag Center flags for city poles $1039.75
HAKA LLC ambulance diesel and batteries $164.22
Interstate Power Systems service call for sewer generator.. $280.00
Jackson Pumping sewers pumped $825.00
Johnson Propane shelter house and city hall $709.80
LP Gill landfill 4th qtr $1658.30
Menards city supplies and sewer caps $84.32
PCC ambulance billing $225.69
Siouxland District Health bacteriological testing $14.00
The Record publications $113.27
WIT CPR classes $10.00
WIATEL telephone bill $134.49

There was a motion from Councilwoman Jessen and a second from Councilman West, with all council present voting yes, to approve to pay the aforementioned bills.

1. Warning System has been ordered and should be here July 13th. Councilman Amick reported after the meeting that Woodbury REC would help in the setting up of the 55’ pole.

2. Ragbrai coming July 24, 2022. Mayor Garnand met with Ragbrai officials and we will be needing at least 12 spot-o-pots. Clerk Jessen will try and get those ordered since we only ordered 4. This is going to be a huge event for the town. We will need a lot of volunteers to make this a success. Mayor Garnand will be setting up a meeting in early June and a notice will be placed in the June 1st water bills so please be on the alert for that. Clerk Jessen was also asked to get a roll off for trash from CHN.

3. Ordinance #1-2022: Second reading of the ordinance raising sewer rates was read by Attorney Metchalf. There was a motion from Councilman West and second from Councilman Amick, with all council present voting yes, to raise the rates as follows:
Residential will go from $13.00 per resident to $20.00
School will go from $240.00 to $372.00
Commercial sewer will go from $30.00 to $46.50

4. Resolution #8-2022 dispensing with 3rd reading of the ordinance: Councilman West introduced Resolution #8-2022 dispensing with rule requiring three readings of ordinance before adoption. Councilwoman Jessen seconded the motion with all council present voting yes. Whereupon the Mayor declared the resolution to be adopted. Therefore, the proposed ordinance was again read and Councilman West moved the adoption of the ordinance. Councilman Amick seconded the motion. Oral vote: West-yes, Jessen-yes, Williams-yes, Merchant-yes, Amick yes. The mayor declared the motion to adopt to have passed and the Ordinance to have been adopted. He then approved and signed the measure. Attorney Metcalf will have The Record publish the ordinance.

5. Ideas for $1000.00 ICAP grant: some discussion was made. Matter tabled until the next meeting.

6. Ideas for fall MRHD grant: lighting for the ballfields. Mayor Garnand will check with Mid States Electric on pricing. Digital Message board was also brought up. MRHD grant starts taking applications in July.

7. Renewal of Fire Dept’s liquor: There was a motion from Councilman Williams and a second from Councilwoman Jessen, with all council present voting yes, to approve the renewal of the Fire Dept’s liquor license.

Anything from Councilman Williams: no
Anything from Councilman Merchant: no
Anything from Councilman West: no
Anything from Councilwoman Jessen – no
Anything from Councilman Amick – no
Anything from Clerk Jessen: Will be leaving for Arizona on May 16th and returning May 23rd.
Anything from Treasurer Junge: no

Since there was no further business to discuss, there was a motion from Councilman Williams and a second from Councilwoman Jessen, with all council present voting yes, to adjourn the meeting.
Meeting was adjourned at 7:40 PM.

Jason Garnand, Mayor


Lindy Jessen, City Clerk

Published in The Record
Thursday, May 19, 2022

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