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Kingsley City Council Minutes — June 6, 2022

Kingsley City Council
June 6, 2022

The Kingsley City Council met in regular session on June 6, 2022. Those present were Mayor Bohle, Councilmen Kremer, Jasperson and Bohle. Rolling and Beelner were absent.

Agenda was approved on motion by Bohle, seconded by Jasperson, all voted aye, motion carried.

Minutes of the May 2nd and May 16th meetings were approved on motion by Bohle, seconded by Kremer, all voted aye, motion carried.

Public Forum: Complaint was received concerning poor visibility on the intersections of First St. and Barre St., First St. alley between Dover St. and Barre St., and Third St. and Dover St. looking west.

Maintenance Report: ISG attended the meeting to discuss the well project, Good water was found at the test well site. There would be room for three wells, a pumping station and a water plant at this location. Preliminary engineering report will be prepared and if approved will be forwarded to the DNR. DNR process takes 60 to 90 days.

List of bills was approved on motion by Jasperson, seconded by Kremer, all voted aye, motion carried.

Acco, pool chemicals 1,878.35
Adobe, subscription 15.89
AgState, diesel fuel 314.19
Amazon, Lib books/supplies 1,594.12
A-Ox, Amb oxygen 58.75
Baker & Taylor, Lib books/videos 1,946.40
Barco, signs 449.45
Beelner Service, pool/well/park/shop 1,563.02
Bound Tree, Amb supplies 639.88
Brian Book, phone reimb June 80.00
Builders Sharpening, mower parts 43.56
Cash, Pool cash 150.00
Cengage, Lib books 8.00
Christopher Robin Preschool, summer program 800.00
Clarks Hardware, April/May supplies 1,121.96
Deb Jantz, ins reimb 205.20
Demco, Lib supplies 317.68
Dirt Road Design, websites 375.00
Doug Koch, cleaning 343.75
Elle Ploeger, Storytime snacks 12.98
EMC Insurance, additional premium new fire truck 993.00
Feld Fire, supplies 4,059.00
FirstNet, police phone bills 182.06
Foundation Analytical Lab, testing 1,325.75
Frontier, phone bill 49.75
F.S. Repair, mower rings 20.00
GIS Benefits, life/disab ins 337.84
GPM, lagoon equipment repairs 2,033.37
Hawkins, water chemicals 2,507.27
H.G. Klug, lagoon work 2,583.23
Iowa League of Cities, Grantfinder subscription 50.00
Ipers, Ipers May 6,583.80
IRS, Fed/Fica May 10,110.06
Jack’s Uniforms, police supplies 218.80
JJSS, jet lagoon 568.75
Julie Culler, Lib supplies summer program 543.50
Kingsley Drug, Amb supplies 14.04
Kingsley Post Office, water bill postage/stamps 321.14
Kingsley Vol Amb, May runs $1,300.00
Kingsley Vol Amb, meal stipend 150.00
KMK, pool sign/cards/shirt 82.00
KPTH, May advertising 2,460.00
Lammers, Amb service/Fire Dept parts 308.52
Mayo Clinic, newsletter subscription 65.00
Metering & Technology, Beacon engagement fee 7,300.00
Metering & Technology, meter couplings 556.00
MidAmerican, May utilities 1,069.26
O.C. Sanitation, porta pot 165.00
Plendl Feed, grass seed 187.50
Presto-X, pest control 126.56
Ply Co Landfill, May tonnage 5,770.16
Quill, supplies 114.86
Rick Bohle, May expenses 100.00
Rolling Oil, April/May bills 200.42
Sanitary Services, dumpster rental 69.50
Scholastic, lib books 515.50
Small Town Sportsman, police ammo 2,984.00
Stanard, POST test 31.50
Steve Jantz, reimb cell phone/insurance cost 230.60
Thein Well, inspection pumps & wells 370.00
The Record, publications 460.15
Titan Machinery, loader fuel 24.50
United Healthcare, health insurance June 4,132.04
Vicki Sitzmann, ins reimb/flags reimburse 556.51
Wex, gas 2,465.20
Wiatel, phone/internet 1,041.26
Quill, ofc supplies 203.33
Acco, pool opening 1,800.00
Wiatel Solution Center, install park cameras 1,016.50
Alton Well, water testing 1,346.60
MidAmerican, utilities 3,930.62
Bohle Construction, Bleil yard 340.00
Total 84,592.63

Library Special Expenses:
Demco, Reading Nook
Memorial 1,188.63
Center Point, Large print books 21.74
Emerson Benson, Babysitting Class 400.00

Expenses by Fund: General, 80,582.88; Road Use, 13,185.92; Employee Benefits, 7,594.87; Local Option, 24,329.00; TIF, 38,192.50; Lib Special, 54.88; Fire Dept. Special, 14,303.46; Amb. Special, 0.00; Debt Service, 66,367.50; Water, 39,886.91; Sewer, 9,215.63; Solid Waste, 8,425.63. Total: 302,139.16.

Revenues by Function: Charges for Services, 53,592.14; Operating Grants, 15,777.54; General, 46,149.56; Transfer In, 0.00. Total: 153,711.74.

Jasperson will check on additional camera for the park. Roger Ruba will pay for capping water main at main for 312 Dover St.

Police Report: Report was distributed and discussed. Still waiting on delivery of 2022 Tahoe.

Pool Report: Pool opened on June 1. Need new toilet for ladies room and covers for outdoor outlets. All pool applicants were hired (25 in total). Motion by Bohle, to approve hirings and additionally guards with a WSI receive 25 cents more per hour and LGI’s will receive an additional 25 cents per hour; Manager and Assistant Managers will be on an hourly wage, seconded by Jasperson, all voted aye, motion carried.

Fire Report: Clerk will contact Shane’s Glass concerning the walk-in doors and Mayor Bohle will inspect hose tower.

Rob Plendl talked with the Council concerning the two vacant lots on West Second St. It was decided to have a bid hearing for the sale of the lots at the July 5, 2022 meeting. Bid will include an 18 month completion date for building that will be assessed for at least $200.000.00. Bids will be due to the Clerk’s office by 4:30 p.m. on July 5th. Motion was made by Bohle, seconded by Kremer, all voted aye, motion carried.

Water rate discussion was tabled.

Jasperson will talk to Dave Christiansen if he knows of anyone who could impound at large dogs for the City.

Chapter 55 dealing with animals will not be amended.

Tree policy will be amended at the July 5th meeting.

Cigarette permits were approved on motion by Jasperson for Kimmes Country Store and Dollar General, Kremer seconded, all voted aye, motion carried.

Elliott Bottjen will be refunded for his water and sewer tap fees for the proposed storage building on his Easy St. property that was not built on motion by Bohle, seconded by Jasperson, all voted aye, motion carried.

Board of Adjustment denied a request from Jason Bird to have his carport constructed to sit north of his existing garage.

Development monies for assistance with local businesses was discussed. Nothing will happen before July 1st so Council can discuss budgeting an annual amount for projects.

Wage Review: Raises are as follows: V. Sitzmann, S. Jantz, J. Culler and B. Slota will be eight (8) percent; G. Sadler, B. Book, S. Schaeuble, E. Reinking, K. Edwards, S. Graves, B. Beller and J. Dunn will be six (6) percent on motion by Bohle, seconded by Jasperson, all voted aye, motion carried.
Motion to adjourn by Bohle, seconded by Jasperson, all voted aye, motion carried.

Rick Bohle, Mayor
ATTEST: Vicki Sitzmann

Published in The Record
Thursday, June 16, 2022

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