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Lawton City Council Minutes/Bills — June 8, 2022

Lawton City Council Meeting
June 8, 2022 — 5:30pm

The Lawton City Council met in regular session at 5:30pm on June 8, 2022 at the Lawton Friendship Center. Mayor Pedersen called the meeting to order at 5:30pm. Roll call was answered by Nelsen, Otto, Roth, and Saunders, Councilman Heiss arrived at 5:32pm Also in attendance, city clerk Tricia Jernberg, public works director Justin Dunnington, attorney Glenn Metcalf, fire chief Chris Ameen, and WCSO Sgt. Rose.

Public forum: there were no public comments made.

Sheriff: WCSO Sgt Rose gave the May report, including 3 calls for service and 32 hours and 44 minutes directed patrols. Additionally, deputies spent 16 hours and 45 minutes doing school related activities in the Lawton-Bronson School district. Sgt Rose also discussed upcoming RAGBRI in the area, warned about juvenile issues that seem to increase during the summertime, and stressed that if an individual has firearms in vehicles, to make sure it is properly secured. Mayor expressed a citizen concern about speeding traffic on E Birch. Council thanked the department for all their hard work.

Fire: Chief Ameen gave the May report, including 3 calls for service and training in water shuttle, situational awareness, maps, and TIMS. Council thanked the fire department for their service and everything they do.

Clerk: Clerk reported council and mayor checks will be issue June 17th, the LB FAMILY Group has offered to apply for a grant to go towards playground equipment at the ballfields, and received complaints about feral cats around W Birch and Cedar. Mayor will remind homeowners not to feed the cats. The city need to purchase garbage bins soon as the on-hand inventory is gone, we have a list of 6 people who have reached out asking about purchasing the Friendship Center, clerk will be completing the transfers from resolution 2022-05 before the end of the month, and the 4th payment request for H&R Construction for the new building will be paid with this month’s disbursements for $337,026.75. Badger will be here on the 15th & 16th for the new meter reader training, the city-wide rummages and Friday and Saturday, and the city-wide cleanup starts on Friday through next Friday the 17th.

Mayor: Mayor will be identifying some homes that the city will need to send letters to regarding junk and property cleanup. Also reported reviewing applications received for the maintenance position.

Public works: director reported lots of mowing, spraying weeds, taken extra sewer samples, and work at the ballfields.

Attorney: Metcalf reported there was nothing out of the ordinary.

Consent agenda: Motion by Otto, second by Heiss, to approve the minutes of the May 16, 2022 regular meeting. Motion carried with all voting aye. Motion by Heiss, second by Otto to approve June disbursements, May claims for payment and financial reports. Motion carried with all voting aye. Motion by Nelsen, second by Otto to approve utility billing trial balance and accounts receivable audit reports. Motion carried with all voting aye.

Fire association payment: discussion on payment purpose and issuance. No action taken at this time.

Friendship Center: continued discussion on current city hall & Friendship Center possibilities. Council would like to request information to see who is interested in purchasing the building, for what purpose, and how much they would be interested in paying. Council requesting minimum of $200,000 for the purchase. Clerk and attorney will work on a request.
Public hearing: Mayor Pedersen opened the public hearing for the Authorization of a Loan Agreement and the Issuance of General Obligation Capital Notes not to exceed $400,000, at 6:15pm. With no written or in-person comments received, Mayor Pedersen closed the public hearing at 6:16pm.

Motion by Heiss, second by Otto to approve the issuance of not to exceed $400,000 general obligation capital loan notes. Resolution approved on a roll call vote, with all voting aye.

Employee: discussion on PW assistant position including current market, replacement concerns, and payroll budget amounts. After discussion, motion by Heiss, second by Otto to approve a $3.50 pay increase for Luke Lambert. Motion carried with all voting aye.

Rental agreement: Councilman Heiss left the meeting around 6:30pm. A second draft of a rental agreement for the new community center was presented. Discussion on beer/liquor on premises, price per rental, non-profit pricing, and deposit pricing. Motion by Otto, second by Saunders to approve the rental agreement and rental pricing. Full agreement available at city hall. Motion carried with all voting aye.

Cigarette/Tobacco Permit: Motion by Otto, second by Saunders to approve the Cigarette/Tobacco/Nicotine/Vapor License Application for Lawton Pronto, HAKA, LLC at 91 Cedar St. Motion carried with all voting aye.

Fireworks: After discussion current fireworks rules will stay in place, no action taken.
Annual Financial Exam: Two proposals were received for the annual financial examination. After scoring it was moved by Otto, seconded by Roth to accept the proposal from Hunzelman, Putzier & Co, PLC. Motion carried with all voting aye.
Motion by Nelsen, second by Otto to approve the transfer of funds from general to fire to pay the city contribution toward the FY22 fire department budget. Resolution approved by roll call vote with all voting aye.
With no further business it was moved by Saunders, seconded by Otto to adjourn the meeting at 6:40pm. Motion carried with all voting aye.

Jesse Pedersen, Mayor
Tricia Jernberg, City Clerk

City of Lawton Claims & Revenues, May 2022
BANNER TOWNSHIP Cemetery Mowing $2,000.00
BOMGAARS Water adapter/coupler/elbow/nip $393.74
BROWN SUPPLY Curb box/saddle $358.00
CERTIFIED TESTING Site testing at 315 Ash $3,257.00
CITY OF LAWTON Fire utilities $40.05
FELD FIRE Blowhard Fan/o-rings/configuration $3,767.40
GILL HAULING, INC. April Garbage $6,171.80
H&R CONSTRUCTION CO. Pay request #3 $104,975.00
HAKA March/April PW/Fire Fuel $1,721.78
HEALY WELDING Water tank/park animals $655.87
HOLIDAY INN AIRPORT IMFOA Conference 2 nights $224.00
HUNZELMAN, PUTZIER & CO Final billing FY20&21 Exams..$2,099.97
I&S GROUP Wastewater Facility Imprmnts $145.00
JP COOKE Pet tags 2022 $89.65
KC ENGINEERING, P.C. CH/MNT/CC Engineering #5 $3,000.00
LOFFLER COMPANIES, INC. Copier Contract $166.25
LP GILL Landfill fee 2021 4th Qtr $4,676.20
MENARDS SIOUX CITY Sawhorses/valve/mower baggerfix/TW fix $208.80
MICROSOFT CORP Microsoft 365 Business Standard $8.25
MIDAMERICAN ENERGY Utilities $3,177.60
SBW INC DBA ACE ENGINE Fuel filters/radiator cleaner $116.19
SOOLAND BOBCAT Box blade rental/coupler/hose $1,239.31
STUBBS CONSTRUCT W Creek lift station fix $403.65
THE RECORD April publishing $141.22
TREASURER, STATE IOWA April WET payment $630.83
TRICIA JERNBERG Mileage 405 @ .585/Meals $259.60
WELLMARK Health Insurance $1,686.59
WESTERN IOWA TELEPHONE Telephone & Internet $472.45
WIGMAN COMPANY Trash Pump $160.50

Total claims by Fund: General $27,933.28, Fire $4,981.75, Road Use Tax $1,669.04, Building 2022 $104,975.00, Water $7,587.04, Sewer $1,697.90

Total revenues by Fund: General $41,972.89, Fire $11,272.45, Road Use Tax $5,415.53, LOST $12,241.28, Water $11,817.16, Sewer $11,638.60

Published in The Record
Thursday, June 23, 2022

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