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Bronson City Council Minutes/Bills — July 12, 2022

Bronson City Council
July 12, 2022
Bronson City Hall Chambers

Meeting called to order at 6:00 PM by Mayor Jason Garnand. Council members answering roll: Doug Williams, Dave West, Brandi Jessen, and Jamie Amick. Attorney Metcalf was not present.

Woodbury County Sheriff’s report: The Woodbury County Sheriff’s Office conducted directed patrols in Bronson totaling 18 hours and 28 minutes for June. Deputies responded to 0 calls of service. Deputy discussed Ragbrai with the council. Stated on July 24th, D38 will pretty well be closed down due to the bicyclists. Keep your dogs locked up during this time. We do not want anybody’s dog wandering around town and biting people.

Visitors: James Loomis was present. He will be on the ballot in the November election for Woodbury County Attorney’s office. He reported that if he is elected, he will be coming to some of the council meetings in the surrounding area.

Tony Gigaroa and Penny were present. They would like to tear down their house at 301 Front Street and bring another house in. After much discussion, the council would like him to fill out the paperwork for a building permit and bring it to the next meeting for approval. Nick will also get him a checklist as to what he will need as far as hooking up to water and sewer. Tony also reported the street light is out by his house.

Clerk Jessen will notify Mid American.

Ambulance: Nick reported that EOC assist costs are going from $200.00 to $300.00 for any assists they may do, so the ambulance will have to raise charge out rates. There have been 3 calls of service since last month.

Water/Sewer: Nick is working on bacteria testing and lead and copper testing. Nick reported that the town usually uses under a million gallons per month, but in May the city used 1.3 million and in June it was 1.8 million gallons. There are a lot of people watering lawns, but it does put a strain on the pumps.

Maintenance: CJ was present. On the street in front of 403 E. 3rd, there is a sinkhole under the manhole that needs fixed. Nick brought a couple quotes for the council to look at. After much discussion, there was a motion from Councilman Amick and a second from Councilman West, with all council present voting yes, to accept Minor Utility Contractor to do the job for $4000.00. The contractor noted that the town might need some additional asphalt which is not in the quote. Minor Utility also provided a quote to fix the storm drain in front of the Bronson Bar. The quote was for $12,640.00. After much discussion, the council would like to get other quotes. Matter tabled till next meeting. There have been complaints that there are not enough street signs in town. After discussing the matter, Councilman West will make a list of the streets that need them. Matter tabled until next meeting. Culverts on Front Street need replaced. CJ will bring quotes to the next meeting.

Minutes: There was a motion from Councilman West and a second from Councilwoman Jessen, with all council present voting yes, to approve the minutes for the June 14th regular meeting.

BY FUND             BY FUND
Interest earned
2099.77                   28119.28
2357.55                      1693.12
Road Use Tax
4024.21                      1799.51
1996.67                        625.13
9227.32                 36,084.55
1821.70                      1711.08
Local Option Sales Tax
3896.37                       0.00
113.15                      1727.00
Debt Service

There was a motion from Councilman Amick and a second from Councilman West, with all council present voting yes, to approve the Treasurer’s financial report.

ACCO chlorine $249.00
Bronson Fire Dept ½ of bills housing ambulance $1396.15
CHN garbage $1557.12
ClerkBooks training package $850.00
D&H Plumbing sewer manhole inspection $300.00
DNR annual water supply fee $32.38
HAKA mower gas $181.23
Lindbloom 4th of July $1080.00
Maguire Iron cleaning outside of water tower $5000.00
Menards pressure test gauge for water $8.99
Menards flags and weed killer for park $173.20
Menards door knobs for concession stand $228.31
Mercy One biomed for ambulance $137.14
New Cooperative fill diesel barrel $674.66
The Record publications $217.02
Siouxland District Health bacteriological test for water $14.00
SIMPCO dues $333.75
S&S Equipment mower $23.25
Wiatel phone bill $126.20
Woodbury County EMS paramedic assists $1400.00

There was a motion from Councilwoman Jessen and a second from Councilman Williams, with all council present voting yes, to approve to pay the aforementioned bills.

1. Warning System: has been ordered and should be here July 21st or 22nd.

2. Ragbrai coming July 24, 2022. This is going to be a huge event for the town. We will need a lot of volunteers to make this a success. First meeting was held June 9th and only 4 people showed up. Second meeting was held July 7th. Mark Pottebaum was present. He would like to sell honey. Randi from FFA for L-B was present, Jessica Cross was present for after prom, Tim Peters was present for Youth Football. Ivy Bremer from Siouxland District Health was present. She provided information as to if a person needed to fill out an application to have a food stand. Next meeting will be held on July 21st at 6:00 at city hall.

3. Ideas for $1000.00 ICAP grant: some discussion was made. Will discuss it more at next meeting.

4. Results of the 4th of July: was a huge success again this year. 84 different entries in the parade. 22 teams for mud volleyball. Discussion on digging another pit or getting lights. Auction raised $32,000.00 this year, and a great fireworks display!

5. Small white building past the school: this was once the telephone company’s building that they stored cable and such in. Many years ago, they said the city could have the building. An individual was interested in the building if the city wasn’t using it for anything. Nick reported that he uses the shed to store water and sewer items.

6. New side-by-side law: a new bill was passed for 2022 State of Iowa ATVs/UTVs. Basically, they changed you have to be 18 years old to drive one on county and state roadways. Also, maximum speed will be 35 MPH.

7. Bronson Alumni Association has donated a bench to the city. Will discuss where to put it at next meeting.

Anything from Councilman Williams: no

Anything from Councilman West: no

Anything from Councilwoman Jessen: no

Anything from Councilman Amick: told Nick there were quite a few volunteer trees inside the fence of the lagoon. Nick will be working on getting rid of them. Councilman Amick also reported that people outside the city limits have been bringing in trees and dumping them at the lagoon. Discussion of locking the gate was brought up. Will discuss matter further at next meeting.

Anything from Clerk Jessen: no

Anything from Treasurer Junge: no

Since there was no further business to discuss, there was a motion from Councilman Amick and a second from Councilman Williams, with all council present voting yes, to adjourn the meeting.
Meeting was adjourned at 7:42 PM.

Jason Garnand, Mayor


Lindy Jessen, City Clerk

Published in The Record
Thursday, July 21, 2022

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