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Lawton City Council Minutes/Claims — July 13, 2022

Lawton City Council Meeting
July 13, 2022 — 5:30 p.m.

The Lawton City Council met in regular session at 5:30pm on July 13, 2022 at the Lawton Friendship Center. Mayor Pedersen called the meeting to order around 5:30pm. Roll call was answered by Nelsen, Otto, and Saunders. Also in attendance: city clerk Tricia Jernberg, public works director Justin Dunnington, attorney Glenn Metcalf, Mark Richardson, Jeremy Baltushis, Adam Carlson, James Loomis, Lori Hummel, and WCSO Sgt Rose.

Agenda: Motion by Nelsen, second by Otto to approve the agenda as posted.

Public Forum: Jeremy Baltushis addressed the council and submitted a complaint regarding a city employee smoking in a city owned vehicle, asked about the shovels from the groundbreaking ceremony and asked the council to watch the threshold with the loan that was previously approved. James Loomis spoke to the council regarding his candidacy for Woodbury County Attorney and key things he will be working towards if elected. Loomis also asked for council and mayor support in his candidacy.

Sheriff: WCSO Sgt Rose gave the June report, including 4 calls for service and directed patrols totaling 38 hours and 28 minutes. Sgt Rose also shared RAGBRI information and ask the area to be cognizant about bike and added traffic during that time as well as potential medical calls and animal control. Shared that firework time went well and they have seen an uptick in OWI offenses. Mayor thanked department for watching E Birch traffic that was mentioned last month. Clerk shared some concerns about people not stopping at the intersection of Cedar and Maple.

Fire: one call for mutual aid and pump ops training.

Clerk: Clerk reported receiving the 5th payment request from H&R construction for the new building, FEMA has started the flood rate map update again, received complaints about kids on scooters/bikes in the road, end of the fiscal year ended at only spending 85% of the budgeted expenses and receiving 7.4% more revenue than expected, city hall will be closed Monday through Thursday the 18th-21st for clerk conference, and 4 building permits were submitted (92 Elm, 502 E Oak, 205 Cedar, 93 Elm).

Mayor: Mayor reported letters will be sent to a few properties in town that need cleaned up. East Main resurfacing is complete but there have been a couple concerns on water drainage and curb height. Mayor will continue to monitor for issues. Working on a fix for the culvert at the corner of Pine and Larimer, will bring to council next month. Met with building contractor and everything is going well and on schedule. There will be a railing needed on the northside on the top of the retaining wall that was done. Fireworks went well over the 4th holiday. Met with Adam Carlson regarding the potential for a housing development.

Public Works: Director reported landscaping work done at Veteran’s Park, fixing a leak at the water treatment plant, new water meter reader working great, replacing meter parts at Lawton Senior Living, work to fix meter at Presbyterian Church, E Main completed, work done at Erin’s Cove, will be having lead and copper testing to be completed this month, well 4 is needing some work to it, spraying weeds on roads, working on getting someone here to grind the tree pile, generator at the water treatment plant blew a plug and has been fixed.

Attorney: Metcalf discussed working with Security National Bank to ensure if USDA does not come through or if timing does not work, there is still an option to get the financing that is needed for the building.

Consent agenda: Motion by Otto, second by Saunders to approve the minutes of the June 8, 2022 regular meeting and the June 10, 2022 special meeting. Motion carried with all voting aye. Motion by Nelsen, second by Otto to approve July disbursements and June claims for payment and financial reports. Motion carried with all voting aye. Motion by Nelsen, second by Otto to approve the utility billing trial balance and accounts receivable audit reports. Motion carried with all voting aye.

Housing development: Adam Carlson from Stratos Development Group discussed the possibility of a housing development, including 20-24 homes located south of Lawton Senior Living. Proposing an 80/20 split on infrastructure costs, with Stratos contributing 20. Suggested using TIF to help fund, similar to what Stratos is doing with the city of Moville. Council discussed concerns of the current sewer lagoon system, having to add a separate lift station, overall costs, litigation around the entry drive to Lawton Senior Living, and safety concerns for crossing highway 20. After lengthy discussion, council would like to continue the topic at August council meeting.

503 Cedar: Council offered to split the cost of installing a septic tank on the property with Mark Richardson. Motion by Otto, second by Saunders to approve paying $4,238.54 to Mark Richardson for the installation of a septic system at 503 Cedar St. Motion carried with all voting aye.

City Hall/Friendship Center: Discussion on selling or leasing building. Council discussed leasing expenses, benefits, and concerns. Discussion will continue at future meetings.

Liquor license: Motion by Saunders, second by Nelsen to approve the Liquor License renewal for the Lawton Exchange. Motion carried with all voting aye.

Special Events Permit: Motion by Saunders, second by Otto to approve the special events permit for the LB FAMILY Group’s Lawton Fest. Motion carried with all voting aye.

August regular meeting: Motion by Saunders, second by Otto to change the August regular city council meeting to August 3, 2022. Motion carried with all voting aye.
Resolution 2022-15 Employee Wages
Discussion on yearly raises for city employees. Council discusses concerns including budget, expenses, and cost of living. After lengthy discussion, motion by Otto, second by Saunders to approve a 5% raise to Justin Dunnington and Tricia Jernberg, making the hourly rates $29.03 and $24.26 respectively. Resolution approved by a roll call vote with all present voting aye.

Closed session: Motion by Otto, second by Saunders to enter closed session at 6:52pm to discuss litigation matters Iowa Code 21.5(1)(c). Motion carried with all voting aye. Motion by Saunders, second by Nelsen to come out of closed session at 7:07pm. Motion carried with all voting aye.

With no further business, motion by Saunders, second by Otto to adjourn the meeting at 7:07pm. Motion carried with all voting aye.

Jesse Pedersen, Mayor
Tricia Jernberg, City Clerk

City of Lawton Claims & Revenues, June 2022
AMER UNDERGRND HDPE Riser Ring- Main resurface $105.62
BADGER METER Badger Services $84.70
BOMGAARS Flag pole brackets/trimmerhead $167.95
BROWN SUPPLY Curb Box $180.00
BRYAN ROCK PRODUCTS, INC. Ballfield diamond rock $3,609.22
CERTIFIED TESTING Concrete testing $478.00
CITY OF LAWTON Fire Utilities $42.17
FELD FIRE Bunker pants $3,270.00
FRANKS’ ASPHALT INC. Main St. Resurfacing $95,900.00
FREMONT TIRE INC. – HIGHWAY 75 Toolcat Tire Fix $268.95
GILL HAULING, INC. May garbage $6,292.09
H&R CONSTRUCTION CO. Pay request #4 $337,026.75
HAKA May PW & Fire Fuel.. $943.61
IA LEAGUE OF CITIES IA League of Cities Dues $864.00
IMWCA WORK COMP RENEWAL 22-23 $11,076.00
IOWA ONE CALL Locates $54.90
IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY Clerk School Registration $478.00
KURT MIENE Reimburse Key for Brush 3 $287.82
MENARDS – SIOUX CITY Door knob @TW park $208.29
METCALF LAW OFFICE Legal Services $1,200.00
METERING&TECHNOLOGY Trimble YUMA 7 tablet $15,300.00
METRO PRINT & COPY Incident Report Pads $60.46
MICROSOFT CORP Yearly Microsoft 365 fee $99.27
MIDAMERICAN ENERGY Utilities $2,847.99
MIDWEST BREATHING Testing $1,015.40
SIMPCO FY23 Membership Dues $621.50
STAMP FULFILLMENT Stamped Envelopes $1,393.40
STATELINE ELECTRIC & AUTO Treatment Plant Ignition PC Connect $420.00
THE RECORD May publishing $223.20
TREASURER STATE IA May WET payment $651.01
US POSTMASTER PO Box Rent $103.56
USABLUEBOOK Chemicals for water testing $459.49
WELLMARK Health Insurance $1,686.59
WESTERN IOWA TELEPHONE Telephone & Internet $472.20

Total claims by fund: General $24,059.81, Fire $11,239.51, Road Use Tax $97,741.27, Building 2022 $337,026.75, Water $24,703.79, Sewer $2,047.47

Total revenue by fund: General $11,203.57, Fire $14,568.83, Road Use Tax $16,536.24, Local Option Sales Tax $12,241.10, Building 2022 Total $111,013.39, Water $14,782.12, Water Deposit $200, Sewer $12.028.17

Published in The Record
Thursday, July 28, 2022

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