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Maple Valley/Anthon-Oto Minutes — July 11, 2022

Monday, July 11, 2022
5:45 PM — Central Office Boardroom, Mapleton, Iowa

Present: Wimmer, Kennedy, Hamann, Schram, and Streck
Absent: None
Others: 3 guests

I. Opening of Meeting
President Wimmer called the meeting to order and declared a quorum at 5:49 PM

II. Communications – none

III. Consent Agenda
Hamann moved and Kennedy seconded to approve the consent agenda. 5 ayes. Motion carried.
General $213,051.87; PPEL $34,322.84; Debt Service $1,250; Activity $28,822.37; Hot Lunch $53,344.99; Infrastructure $51,221.64; Extra & Hourly Pay $113,403.58.

IV. Approval of Annual Reports
Streck moved and Hamann seconded to approve the annual reports. 5 ayes. Motion carried.

IV. Opening of New Fiscal Year
A. Appointment and Swearing in of School Board Secretary/Treasurer – President Wimmer appointed Shona Klingensmith as School Board Secretary/Treasurer and Mr. Thelander swore her in.

B. Designation of School District Depository Banks as per Policy 701.1-
BE IT RESOLVED by Maple Valley–Anthon Oto Community School District of Mapleton, Iowa in Monona, Woodbury, Crawford, and Ida Counties in Iowa; that we do hereby designate the following named banks to be depositories of the Maple Valley–Anthon Oto Community School District funds in amounts not to exceed the amount named opposite each of said designated depositories and the school district treasurer is hereby authorized to deposit the school district funds in amounts not to exceed in the aggregate the amounts named for said banks as follows, to-wit:
Name of Depository     Location     Maximum Deposit
First Security Bank & Trust Mapleton, IA $2,000,000
Security National Bank Mapleton, IA $2,000,000
Bankers Trust Des Moines, IA $2,000,000
ISJIT Des Moines, IA $2,000,000
Director Schram moved and Kennedy seconded to approve the above depository resolution.
The vote on the resolution is as follows:
Ayes: Wimmer, Kennedy, Streck, Schram, and Hamann
Nays: None. Motion carried.
Dated in Mapleton, Iowa, this 11th day of July, 2022.
Shona Klingensmith, Board Secretary

C. Designation of Legal Counsel for District as per Policy 207 – Kennedy moved and Hamann seconded to designate Ahlers and Cooley from Des Moines as our legal counsel for 2022-2023 school year. 5 ayes. Motion carried.

D. Authorization to Participate in the Free/Reduced Cost National School Lunch/Breakfast Program – Streck moved and Schram seconded to authorize participation in the free/reduced cost national school lunch/breakfast program. 5 ayes. Motion carried.

V. Action Items
A. Employee Resignations/Contract Modifications/Hiring – Kennedy moved and Hamann seconded to approve the following: 5 ayes. Motion carried.
1. A teaching contract for Kayla Greene to teach 2nd grade in Mapleton Elementary beginning January 3, 2023.
2. A teaching contract for Brenna Lansink to teach 6th grade in middle school in Anthon beginning
January 3, 2023.
3. A long-term substitute teaching contract for Julie Bollig and Marie Whiting.
4. A contract for Cameron Brenner for assistant middle school track and field coach during the 2022-2023 school year.
5. Para-educator contracts for Beth Deaton and Carol Koithan.
6. Discussion on potential increases to substitute teaching contracts.

B. Technology Purchase – Schram moved and Kennedy seconded to approve the purchase of 10 chrome charging towers from Rick’s for $18,519.90. 5 ayes. Motion carried.

C. Shot clock purchase for high school gymnasium – Streck moved and Hamann seconded to approve the purchase of shot clocks for $9,370 from Daktronics. This is a new State requirement to host basketball.

D. Consideration of district facilities survey by DLR Group – no motion was made at this time.

VI. Adjourn: President Wimmer adjourned the meeting at 7:23 PM.

MVAO Board President – Wimmer
MVAO Board Secretary — Klingensmith

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Thursday, July 28, 2022

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