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Kingsley City Council Minutes/Bills — August 1, 2022

Kingsley City Council
August 1, 2022

The Kingsley City Council met in regular session on August 1, 2022. Those present were Mayor Bohle, Councilmen Kremer, Jasperson, Rolling, Beelner and Bohle.

The agenda was approved on motion by Rolling, seconded by Beelner, all voted aye, motion carried.

Minutes of the July 5th and July 18th meetings were approved on motion by Jasperson, seconded by Kremer, all voted aye, motion carried.

Public Forum: None

Maintenance Report: Street lines are painted, Flow meter is repaired and pumps in two wells have been replaced.

List of bills was approved on motion by Rolling, seconded by Jasperson, all voted aye, motion carried.

A-Ox, amb oxygen 58.75
Acco, pole adapter/chemicals 887.75
Adobe, subscription 15.89
Aetna, EAP services 8.76
Amazon, Lib supplies 1,034.20
Badger Meter, Beacon hosting 48.72
Baker & Taylor, Lib books/videos 1,428.57
Barco, signs/gutter broom 720.26
Beelner, sprinklers, well pumps/pump house meter 17,897.33
Bohle Construct, one ton 1 ½” crushed concrete 40.00
Brian Book, phone reimburse/mileage/reimburse parts 194.75
Builders Sharpening, Grasshopper mower/cup holder/blades 8,158.50
Clarks Hardware, appliances/supplies 667.18
CNH Capital, parts 15.50
Colonial Research, 55 gallon Dissolve 2,347.82
Deb Jantz, insurance reimburse 205.20
Doug Koch, cleaning 138.75
Eakes, copy paper 45.99
FirstNet, police phone bills 182.42
Foundation Analytical Lab, testing 1,121.00
Frontier, phone bill 119.26
GIS Benefits, July/August life/disability insurance 378.39
Hawkins, water chemicals 2,373.89
Hometown Pantry, suppl/pool concessions 1,040.92
I & S Group, prelim eng report 1,950.00
Iowa DNR, NPDES fee 210.00
Iowa DNR WW certificate fee 40.00
Iowa One Call, locates 16.20
Iowa Prison Industries, Beller academy uniforms 230.00
Ipers, wage adjustment (Reinking) 169.29
Ipers, Ipers July 5,044.81
IRS, Fed/Fica July 9,658.02
Jack’s Uniforms, police supplies/uniforms 224.70
Kingsley Drug Store, Ambulance supl 9.49
Kingsley Post Office, water bill postage 252.59
Kingsley Vol Ambulance, July runs 1,550.00
Kingsley Vol Ambulance, meal stipend 150.00
KPTH, June advertising 2,460.00
Le Mars Ambulance, paramedic assist 250.00
Lowes, two carports (pool) 2,995.98
Marc, sewer chemicals 1,728.51
MidAmerican, utilities 7,047.33
MidAmerican, utilities 4,377.48
O.C. Sanitation, porta-pot 165.00
PCC, amb billing April 283.09
Plendl Feed, grass seed/bug spray 557.25
Plymouth Co Landfill, July tonnage 6,298.90
Plymouth Co Sheriff, Comm Center payment 8,466.00
Plymouth Co Treasurer, tax abatement 691.44
Presto-X, pest control 126.56
Quill, supplies 78.77
Rick Bohle, expenses 100.00
Sanitary Services, dumpster rental/2nd Qtr garb. 22,702.50
Siouxland Comm. Health, Beller physical 234.00
Siouxland District Health, pool inspection 463.00
Steve Jantz, reimb cell phone/insurance cost 230.60
Tennis Court Supply, two nets 373.47
The Record, publications 222.30
Thompson, flowmeter & labor 7,444.95
Time Clocks & More, time cards 100.00
Titan, flowmeter bolts 49.92
Treasurer IA, 2nd quarter sales tax/WET 3,016.91
Treasurer IA, 2nd quarter SWH 3,679.00
United Healthcare, health insurance August 7,361.63
UPS, shipping reader 25.67
Vicki Sitzmann, insurance reimb/cam covers reimburse 486.45
Western IA Tech, CPR firemen 102.00
Westrum Leak Detection, leak survey 900.00
Wex, gas 2,403.62
Wiatel, phone/internet 625.45
TOTAL 144,682.68

Library Special Expenses:
Center Point, Lib books 81.72
Cengage, Lib books 21.59
Fire Dept. Special Expenses:
Feld Fire, supl 325.00
Fluent IMS, Who’s Responding app/laptop 1300.00

Expenses by Fund: General, 79,099.58; Road Use, 9,570.81; Employee Benefits, 12,444.02; Local Option, 64,147.00; TIF, 0.00; Lib Special, 103.31; Fire Dept. Special, 1,625.00; Amb. Special, 0.00; Debt Service, 0.00; Water, 77,018.11; Sewer, 7,877.22; Solid Waste, 10,871.59. Total: 262,756.64.

Revenues by Function: Charges for Services, 61,002.58; Operating Grants, 57,900.81; General, 21,091.29; Transfer In, 0.00. Total: 139,994.68.

Treasurer’s report for July was approved on motion by Bohle, seconded by Beelner, all voted aye, motion carried.

Police Report: None

Fire Report: Annual servicing of fire trucks.

Pool Report: None

Water bill rates were discussed. An ordinance will be introduced at the August 15th meeting to propose new rates.

Water rate will increase from $11.00 to $13.00 for the 1st 1000 gallons; Increase from $1.25 to $2.50 per 1000 gallons up to 10,000 gallons; then $3.50 per 1000 gallons after 10,000 gallons

Sewer rate will increase from $21.00 to $25.00 per month

Garbage rate will remain at $13.50 per month

Landfill rate will increase from $14.00 to $16.00 per month

Mayor Fischer of Moville visited with the Council about the possibility of sharing a building/nuisance inspector with Moville and other nearby cities. They will have their answer at the August 15th meeting.

One bid for the Walker mower by Ken Jasperson for $2,022.00. Bid was accepted on motion by Rolling, seconded by Beelner. Rolling, Beelner, Kremer and Bohle voted aye, Jasperson abstained. Motion carried.

AugustFest street closings: Second Street from Burlington to Barre; Main Street no center parking all day; Barre Street from First to Second Street, all on motion by Bohle, seconded by Jasperson, all voted aye, motion carried. Street dance will be front of Clark’s Hardware.

Kingsley Volunteers Liquor License will be transferred from the Community Center to Second Street in front of Clark’s Hardware. Motion to approve by Beelner, seconded by Jasperson, all voted aye, motion carried.

September meeting will be held on September 6th at 7:00 p.m.

Motion to adjourn by Jasperson, seconded by Beelner, all voted aye, motion carried.

Rick Bohle, Mayor
ATTEST: Vicki Sitzmann

Published in The Record
Thursday, August 11, 2022

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