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Lawton City Council Minutes/Claims — August 3, 2022

Lawton City Council Meeting
August 3, 2022

The Lawton city council met in regular session at 5:30pm on August 3, 2022 at the Lawton Friendship Center. Mayor pro-tem Saunders called the meeting to order around 5:30pm. Roll call was answered by Nelsen, Otto, and Saunders. Also in attendance: city clerk Tricia Jernberg, public works director Justin Dunnington, Ryan Beardshear, Jeremy Baltushis, Carla Eidenshink, and Dale Erickson.

Agenda: Motion by Nelsen, second by Otto to approve the agenda as posted. Motion carried with all voting aye.

Public forum: Jeremy Baltushis asked about weeds in the street at Tara Way and E Oak, a sinking portion of the street on E Oak, and a crack that needs attention on Erin’s Cove.

Sheriff: There were 8 calls for service and directed patrols totaling 43 hours and 43 minutes.

Fire: there was 1 call for service and no training scheduled for July.

Clerk: clerk reported Lawton Fest is next week, building permits were submitted [93 Elm (expand driveway), 100 Tara Way (construct greenhouse), 127 W Creek (replace and expand fence)], the fifth pay request from H&R construction is in the payment distribution list to be paid and the building financial tracker has been updated for council.

Mayor: Mayor Pedersen was absent but noted he had met with the DNR regarding the sewer compliance schedule, received complaints about UTVs and golf carts being driven too fast, sent three letters to property owners to clean-up their property, had someone reach out about dogs at large, and he will be revisiting the sidewalk audit to start a plan.

Public works: Director reported meeting with SG Concrete to get a quote for a couple areas in need of repair.

Attorney: Ryan Beardshear shared that Security National Bank came back with a loan and interest rate quote, and reiterated that in order to zone one particular area of town, the city would need to zone the entire city with a comprehensive plan and formal committee with significant costs.

Consent agenda: Motion by Otto, second by Nelsen to approve the minutes of the July 13, 2022 regular meeting. Motion carried with all voting aye. Motion by Nelsen, second by Otto to approve the August disbursements and July claims for payment and financial reports. Motion carried with all voting aye. Motion by Nelsen, second by Otto to approve the utility billing trial balance and accounts receivable audit reports. Motion carried with all voting aye. Councilman Heiss joined the meeting by phone at 5:52pm.

Resolution 2022-16 Internal Loan
Council discussed using an internal loan, if necessary, to fund the building 2022 fund until debt proceeds are fulfilled. Motion by Otto, second by Nelsen to approve an internal loan of up to $200,000 from the general fund and up to $200,000 from the water fund, to the Building 2022 fund. Motion passed on a roll call vote with all members present voting aye.

Resolution 2022-17 Resolution declaring an official intent under Treasury Regulation 1.150-2 to issue debt to reimburse the City for certain original expenditures paid in connection with specified Projects
Motion by Saunders, second by Nelsen to approve issuing debt to reimburse the city for certain expenditures paid in connection with the Building 2022. Motion passed on a roll call vote with all members voting aye.

CH/Friendship Center: Discussion on leasing or selling the building including investment cost, maintenance costs, and other liabilities. Carla Eidenshink asked about the Woodbury County Library using the space. After discussion, Council will continue to discuss at future meetings and are open to any offers that may get presented.

Sewer system compliance: Discussion on sewer system compliance schedule that was issued by the IA DNR. DNR is requiring the city to work toward resolving the NPDES permit issues in the next few years. Councilman Heiss arrived in person at 6:15pm. Discussion on water softeners contributing to one part of the issue. Public works will begin researching options.

Sewer rates: Discussion on current sewer rates and the possibility to increase rates or create a separate charge for sewer project fund. Council to continue discussion next month on sewer rate increases.
Housing development: council is not willing to move forward with a housing development at this time.

With no further business, motion by Nelsen, second by Heiss to adjourn the meeting at 6:45pm. Motion carried with all voting aye.

Jesse Pedersen, Mayor
Tricia Jernberg, City Clerk

City of Lawton Claims & Revenues- July 2022
ACCO UNLIMITED Chlorine $391.80
APEX CROP SERVICES LLC Weed killer $74.45
BADGER METER Badger Services $42.79
BROWN SUPPLY Parts-water treatment plant leak $246.00
CITY OF LAWTON Fire Utilities $46.15
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Generator repair – WaterTreatPlant $611.89
FELD FIRE Batteries $350.00
FLOYD RIVER MATERIALS Rock for park landscaping $137.64
GILL HAULING, INC. June garbage $6,292.09
HAKA PW & Fire Fuel $883.11
HYDRAULIC Hydraulic oil $137.80
IA DEPT NATURAL RESOURCES Annual Water Supply Fee $103.87
ICAP Litigation-Defense Expense $57.60
JUSTIN DUNNINGTON Payroll Advance $1,180.00
LAWTON FIRE ASSOCIATION Payment for 2008 Silverado $25,000.00
MENARDS – SIOUX CITY Supplies & parts $108.34
MIDAMERICAN ENERGY Utilities $3,251.65
SBW INC DBA ACE ENGINE Mower blade & seat $815.58
STAPLES – SIOUX CITY Paper, Ink, Highlighters $105.86
THE RECORD June publishing $352.69
TREAS ST IA WET June 2022 Qtr. 2 $964.02
US POSTMASTER Send certified letters $14.50
WELLMARK Health Insurance $1,686.59
WESTERN IOWA TELEPHONE Telephone and Internet $472.75

Claims by fund: General $12,762.96, Fire $25,940.54, Road Use Tax $2,503.74, Water $9,354.25, Sewer $1,614.61
Revenues by fund: General $10,347.19, Fire $750, Road Use Tax $9,978.50, LOST $12,241.34, FEMA Flood 2019 $223.24, Water $16,984.19, Sewer $11,940.67

Published in The Record
Thursday, August 18, 2022

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