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Pierson City Council Minutes/Bills — August 10, 2022

Pierson City Council
Wednesday, August 10

The Pierson City Council met in regular session on Wednesday August 10th at 7PM. Mayor Struve called the meeting to order at 7PM all council were in attendance. Mayor Struve opened the public hearing for the CDBG Housing grant with the following announcements:

This program is funded in part by a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). The city was awarded a 2019 CDBG for $212,994. To date,$45,021 of the CDBG allocation has been expended. There is a local obligation of$12,000 ($2,000/project) committed towards project costs. To date,$2,182 has been expended. The city saw a need to offer assistance to low- and moderate-income homeowners to improve their homes while preserving and stabilizing the City’s housing stock. Nature of and Status of the Activities: The proposed project involves the rehabilitation of six (6) owner-occupied, single-family homes. There has been no change to the project beneficiaries as proposed in the application submitted to State for funding, although the number of houses that were able to be completed will be decreased. Project is due to terminate November 30, 2022. To date, one (1) project has been closed out and two (2) will be starting construction soon. 100% of the federal funds will benefit low- and moderate-income persons.

The project is City-wide in residential neighborhoods. The program will not result in the displacement or relocation of any persons or businesses. During lead-based paint hazard reduction activities, assistance is provided if temporary relocation is necessary.

No one was present with questions or discussion on the public hearing. Motion by McQueen to close the public hearing, seconded by Bubke all voted aye; carried.

Motion by Bubke, seconded by Sistrunk to approve the consent agenda which included the following items: July minutes, financials, claims and disbursements through Aug 10 and a building permit for 316 Main for a fence.

The sheriff report was given by Sgt Rose. They responded to 1 call for service and provided over 23 hours of directed patrol.

Public Forum: Jim Fischer mayor of Moville presented the council with a 28E agreement regarding sharing an inspector, council agreed it would be beneficial to both communities.

Ken Carlson introduced himself as the candidate for House District 13.

Golphstok representatives Leo Woods and Pete Schieuer briefed the council on the upcoming event and asked for road barricades.

Grants from the City were awarded to 6 non-profits in town. Motion by Sistrunk to approve the ARPA non-profit grant amounts as calculated, seconded by McQueen all voted aye; motion carried.

Motion by Sistrunk, seconded by Bubke to approve a liquor license for Late Harvest Brewery for a temporary permit at Golphstok and for the Gas Lantern upon proper application. All voted aye; motion carried.
Discussion on the fountain on Main St. was held. The original plan was to have a no maintenance memorial per the minutes from August 2020. Motion by Bubke to not allow the fountain on Main St. due to the amount of maintenance it would require, seconded by Sistrunk all voted aye; carried.

Motion by Krier, seconded by Bubke that the culvert behind community building need to be extended if the driveway is extended at Parcel ID 894312252010

Motion by Sistrunk, seconded by Bubke to Approve
All voted aye; motion carried.

Motion by Sistrunk, seconded by Bubke to set a public hearing on Sept 20 at 7PM for the intent to sell city equipment by auction. All voted aye; motion carried.

Motion by Bubke, seconded by Saxen to accept the bid from JM construction on replacing the curbing on the middle section of the Main St Boulevard. All voted aye; motion carried.

Motion by Krier, seconded by Bubke to move the Sept meeting to the 20th due to a county landfill meeting. All voted aye; motion carried.

Motion to adjourn the meeting made by Sistrunk, seconded by Krier, all voted aye; motion carried.

Jeanette Beekman, City Clerk

Disbursements — August Bills:
New Coop fuel $433.01
Frontier phone $381.49
MidAmerican electric $1,668.29
Bomgaars supplies $12.99
Wellmark insur $3,220.86
Feld Fire respirator $270.30
Verizon internet $59.08
Amazon paper towels $49.51
Shanes Glass broken window replaced $467.00
Iowa DNR NPDES permit $210.00
IPERS pension $927.33
United States Treasury
withholding $1,309.94
ACCO chlorine $526.80
Foundation Analytical testing $76.75
Ahlers Cooney legal fees.. $7,021.89
The Record publishing $89.10
Iowa Depart of Revenue WET $322.27
Iowa Depart of Revenue Sales tax $24.00
Badger Meter read fees $293.70
Amazon SS tp dispenser $268.65
New Coop propane $2,762.57
Christian Koch reimburse $70.00
New Coop fuel $377.06
REC electric $60.92
Iowa DNR permit $37.12
KCAU advertising $250.00
Mendards supplies $190.96
Max Dunnington reimbursement $152.00

Expense         Receipts
by fund:         by fund:
$23875.91   $112,465.67
Road Use
$2923.47       $2841.78
Special Rev
$1169.94       $2698.45
$6801.23     $12497.07

Published in The Record
Thursday, August 18, 2022

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