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Lawton-Bronson School Board Minutes — August 8, 2022

Lawton-Bronson Community School
Regular Board Meeting

Lawton-Bronson Community School District
Library – 100 Tara Way, Lawton, Iowa
Monday, August 8, 2022
7:00 p.m.

The Lawton-Bronson Community Schools District will prepare all students to contribute productively to the global world of work and community.

A. Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 7:00pm.

B. Pledge of Allegiance

C. Roll Call
Mesz, Garnand, Sappingfield, White, Reinke present.

D. Welcome Visitors and Guests

E. Public Forum

F. Approval of Agenda – Additions or deletions may be requested by Board members, visitors, or Administrators. An agenda which has been posted more than twenty-four hours prior to a scheduled meeting may be amended to include additional matters only if good cause exists requiring expeditious discussions or action on such matters.
Reinke moved to approve the agenda. White seconded. All in favor.
Code of Iowa, Chapter 21 – Open Meetings Law

G. Communications
1. Board member update

H. Reports
1. Superintendent’s Report
We have had several new families enroll at LB Elementary over the summer. The FY22 school year started with 385 students. This year to date we are at 399. White inquired as to the ages of newly enrolled students. Shook replied that it was a good mix of all the grades with both 3rd and 6th being the highest at around 60-65 students.
Staff will kick of the new school year on August 18th with a luncheon, service recognition awards, and Ken Williams as a motivational speaker.
This year’s IASB Convention will be November 16-17, all board members are welcome to attend, if possible.
The department of education has come out with their official results from IASAP testing. When compared to state averages, our students are really excelling!

2. Secondary Principal’s Report
Shook and Jessen attended SAI Administrator Training last week It is always such an amazing opportunity to network and receive valuable professional development.
7th Grade Orientation will be August 22nd.
First day of School is August 23rd.
Homecoming week will be September 12-16th.

3. Monthly financial report
Miller presented monthly financial reports

4. Board Bill Auditor Report
Reinke asked questions on board bills
I. Consent Agenda
1. Approve minutes of previous meeting
2. Approve bills payable
3. Approve budget summaries
Reinke moved to approve the consent agenda. Garnand seconded. All in favor.

J. Personnel
1. Approve resignation of cook
Garnand moved to approve the resignation of Linda Fetterman as a cook. Mesz seconded. All in favor.

2. Approve resignation of junior high girls’ basketball coach
White moved to approve the resignation of Michaela Borer as junior high girls’ basketball coach. Garnand seconded. All in favor.

K. New Business
1. Approve elementary handbook
Reinke moved to approve the elementary handbook. White seconded. All in favor.

2. Second reading to amend board policy regarding the 200 series: Board of Directors

3. Approve updated board policy for the 200 series: Board of Directors
Garnand moved to approve the updated board policy for the 200 series with the exception of changing the compensation limit of a board member to $12,000. Reinke seconded. All in favor.
Reinke moved to adjourn. Mesz seconded. All in favor.

L. Adjourn
Meeting adjourned at 8:01 pm

Blake Sappingfield, Board President
Mercedees Miller, Board Secretary

Published in The Record
Thursday, September 29, 2022

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