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Kingsley-Pierson School Board Minutes/Bills — October 10, 2022

Kingsley-Pierson Community School

October 10, 2022

The meeting was called to order by President Bubke at 7:00 p.m.

Present Members: Bubke, Plendl and Haggin Absent: Herbold and Collins

Motion was brought by Plendl, seconded by Haggin to approve the agenda. All voted aye, motion carried.

Motion was made by Plendl, seconded by Haggin to approve the September minutes. All voted aye, motion carried.

Discussion on the expenses included the clarification of the City of Kingsley water bill for the softball field to include the description of the football practice field. Motion was brought by Plendl, seconded by Haggin, to approve listed bills in the amounts of $106,566.25 from the general fund, $12,564.23 from schoolhouse, $37,595.48 from lunch fund, $15,176.26 from the Kingsley activity fund and $1,989.59 Pierson activity fund. All voted aye, motion carried.

Discussed the expenses for services and supplies for September. September included many state reports including the Certified Annual report, Special Ed Supplement and Transportation report. Thanks to the Panther Ball for their donation of $11,708.21 to support the K-12 activities. These funds support field trips and equipment needs for the school. Piper Sandler supplies weekly interest rate updates. Our current interest rate with MidStates Bank is .25% on all checking accounts. MidStates Bank proposed 1.5% and United Bank proposed 2.592% based on ISJIT variable rate. These proposals also included a CD interest rate of 3.25% from United Bank and 2.6% from MidStates Bank based on new money. Discussion was tabled until a future meeting. Motion by Haggin, seconded by Plendl to approve the financial report. All voted aye, motion carried.

Mr. Wiese
In the Elementary, September 22nd the Elementary Playground New Equipment Opened and able to be played on. On October 12th at 9:45 a.m. the Kingsley Fire Department visit in the elementary during the Fire Prevention week. Mr. Wiese had a Foster Grandparents agency reach out and ask if there would be interest in these services. Computer Science funds supply training for the Elementary which included a BootUp trainer who met with K-5 teachers and implemented two new computer programs. New Language Arts Books have all arrived. Parent Teacher Conferences Nov. 1st and 3rd and a two hour early dismissal on these days. No School on November 4th

In the High School, Homecoming Week 2022 in the books. Special “Thanks” to the KPHS Student Council and a Special “Thanks” to Randi Anstine and Jody Reinking! 2022 Royalty included King – Derek Reinking, Queen – Avery Schroeder and their court including Conner Beelner, Gabby Boustead, Makenna Bowman, Beau Bubke, Jesse Harvey, Emerson Pratt, Allison Reinking, Carson Seuntjens, Abby Thompson and Reagan Vos. Crown Bearers included Emmie Medick and George Thompson. The 1st Quarter ends on Friday, Oct. 21 (Early Dismissal Day). The HS play, “The Hamlet Thrill-ma-geddon” will be held Nov. 4th and 5th. The regular season is winding down for Cross Country, Football, and Volleyball. Future games: Cross Country Districts, 10/20 in Orange City. Football Playoffs begin 10/21 with location TBD. Volleyball Tournament begins 10/17 vs. Remsen St. Mary’s @Remsen. Jr/Sr. Career Day in Moville on Friday, Oct. 21 from 10-11.

Mr. Brand
We enjoyed last week with all of our dress up days and celebrating our school and our panther pride! Student council changed some of the middle school days and by far our favorite day was the Teacher and Student swap day. At the end of September we had some trainings going on in the district. Our 6th-8th grade Language Arts/Reading teachers spent time training with our new curriculum company. K-5 had a training with the new reading curriculum, Into Reading. 5th Grade also participated in the Bootup PD today, which focuses on imbedding computer science into lessons. The presenters will support classrooms with implementation for the next two days. We also had six staff attend mentoring and 4 staff attended CPI training. An interview team including four teachers and myself interviewed for Secretary last month towards the end of September. We spent three evenings interviewing 5 candidates. We have chosen one candidate, Heather Fitch to be our new secretary. Our website is live! I have been sending small updates since we went live, but I will be training with our web designer in the afternoon of the 21st. Last week our 5th grade students had an Instrument night to choose and buy/enroll in buying their instruments from Midbell.

Check out The Record! Our staff are consistently writing letters about what’s happening in our school. It is a cool way to showcase our classrooms, etc. On September 28th, we had an early out, we also had our first PBIS assembly along with sometime of decorating the halls for Homecoming week. Last week, I had my one Middle School Athletic Director Meeting in Mapleton. I only attend one each year, and it is a great time to connect with other ADs and also be able to finalize our schedules for the rest of the year. The rest of the year looks good regarding Middle School Athletics for scheduling, etc. We add another team to our Middle School Wrestling Meet, and we were able to pick up another boys basketball game since we lost 2 last year with River Valley.
Last week we had a Pep Rally for Cross Country and Football in the gym towards the end of the day. We will have another Pep Rally next week for the Volleyball girls.

Mr. Bailey
Mr. Bailey introduced Sara Groepper. She is the K-12 Art teacher. Ross Johnson and Ryan Ingall will be introduced in November. Mrs. Lammers and the E-Sports club students were in attendance. This is a new club this year which includes 8 or 9 students. The club utilizes gaming laptops for their competitions. These laptops cost around $1,600 and at this time only require three laptops to compete in a game. The needs may change in the future to another three laptops. We have been working diligently on several state reports that are due soon. Fall Staff Beds – documentation of who is working for us, salary, benefits, and FTE status. Fall Beds (Professional Development Piece and K-3 class sizes). Operational Sharing between school districts maximizes the 21 sharing units per school. On the Certified Enrollment – Enrollment counts, the student numbers have increased. SRI – Student Enrollment in Iowa. On the Facilities update, we continue to work with Thrasher. The new bus should arrive around October 18th. As we are looking at the MidAmerican bills, Dale from EDA is evaluating our usage and rates. The drinking fountains in the new addition didn’t come with filters, so these fountains will be replaced with fountains like the other ones in the school.


Secretary Wages:
Motion by Plendl, seconded by Haggin to approve the starting wage for Secretary $15, Janitor $15 and Groundskeeper $13. This change will go into effect starting October 7 for the November payroll. All voted aye, motion carried.

Contract Recommendation(s):
Motion by Haggin, seconded by Plendl to approve Penny McBride – HS Aide – $13.53 per hour. All voted aye, motion carried. Motion by Haggin, seconded by Plendl to approve Kristina Perez as an MS Aide at $13.53 + longevity. All voted aye, motion carried. Motion by Plendl, seconded by Haggin to approve Jordan Bubke as a MS Aide at $14.07 + longevity. All voted aye, motion carried. Motion by Plendl, seconded by Haggin to approve Heather Fitch as MS Secretary – $16.56 per hour. All voted aye, motion carried.

SBRC Request for Modified Allowable Growth – Special Education Deficit:
Motion by Haggin, seconded by Plendl to approve the request of supplemental authority for a special education deficit, in the amount of (165,583.51) All voted aye, motion carried.

Policy Review(s):
Motion by Plendl, seconded by Haggin to approve the policy changes and waive the second reading of the following polices including: 602.1 – Curriculum Development, 602.2 – Curriculum Implementation, 602.3 – Curriculum Evaluation, 605.1 – Instructional Materials Selection, 605.1R1 – Selection of Instructional Materials, 605.2 – Instructional Materials Inspection, 605.3 – Objection to Instructional Materials, 605.3E1 – Instructions to the Reconsideration Committee, 605.3E2 – Reconsideration of Instructional Materials Reconsideration Request, 605.3E3 – Objection to Instructional and Library Materials Sample Letter to Individual Challenging Instructional Materials, 605.3E4 – Objection to Instructional and Library Materials Request to Prohibit a Student from Checking Out Specific Library Materials, 605.3R1 – Reconsideration of Instructional Materials Regulation. All voted aye, motion carried.

Resignations: None at this time

Snow Bid Removal Approval:
Motion by Haggin, seconded by Plendl to approve the bid from Jon Peschau for the Pierson building snow removal. All voted aye, motion carried. Motion by Haggin, seconded by Plendl to approve the bid from Bohle Construction for the Kingsley building snow removal. All voted aye, motion carried.

Operational Sharing:
Motion by Haggin, seconded by Plendl to approve the operational sharing including Superintendent – 9, Transportation – 4, Curriculum – 2, Counselor – 2 and HR – 4 = 21. All voted aye, motion carried.

Facility Project Update:
Motion by Plendl, seconded by Haggin to approve the purchase of a replacement sign for the front entrance from Dakronics for $26,649. All voted aye, motion carried.

Fundraiser Requests: None at this time

Motion by Plendl, seconded by Haggin to adjourn at 8:20 p.m. All voted aye, motion carried.

Laurie Schweitzberger, Board Secretary
Matt Bubke, Board President

Aberson, Berwyn Official 90.00
Aberson, Joshua Official 240.00
American Cancer Society Donations Collected 720.51
Andersons Supplies 203.48
Anstine, Randi Reimbursement. 5.89
Archer, Brian Services 2,500.00
Badar, Heather Official 125.00
Bailey, Amy Reimbursement 31.63
Basalyga Jr. Russell Official 120.00
Beelner’s Service Inc. Plumbing/Heating Repairs 1,212.00
Berggren, Edward Official 125.00
Bobolz, Jill Reimbursement 32.40
Bomgaars Supplies 209.49
Bonfire Marketing & Web Co. Web Design Services 4,355.00
Bottjen Implement Supplies 310.00
BP Business Solutions Credit Card Payment 111.04
Brus, Joel Official 90.00
C&C Lawn Care Services 1,300.00
Card Service Center Credit Card Pymt 3,106.80
Carney, David Official 125.00
Carol’s Kitchen Services 40.00
Champion Teamwear Supplies 2,184.54
Chesterman Fund Raising Supplies 954.60
Christensen, Chris Reimbursement 27.90
City Of Kingsley Water/Sewer 1,254.99
City Of Pierson Water/Sewer 82.66
Clark’s Hardware LLC Supplies 379.83
CNC Productions Services 600.00
Conrad, Jennifer Reimburse 25.00
Cowley, K/Anne Official 125.00
Craig, Donald Official 125.00
Culligan Of Pierson Softener Salt 291.50
Demco Library Supplies 268.41
Devlin, Roxann Reimburse 44.28
Dollar General Corporation PBIS supplies 436.40
Dunham Hardwoods Instr. supplies 164.06
Dunne, Marinda Reimburse 31.95
Eakes Supply Supplies 1,102.45
East Side Jersey Dairy, Inc. Supplies 194.54
Electrical Automation LLC Services 285.00
FS Repair Repairs 100.00
Feld Fire Or Feld Security Services 99.00
Fleet US LLC Supplies 288.00
Frontier Communications Telephone Service 817.86
Goodwill Of Great Plains Tuition 222.50
Goodwin, Nicole Reimburse 219.60
Groepper, Sara Reimburse 32.40
Groetken, Jill Reimbursement 96.86
H & H Roofing Roofing Services 395.00
Hauff Mid-America Sports Inc. Supplies 2,217.70
Hilbrands, Dean Official 125.00
Hillyard/Sioux Falls Janitorial Supplies 2,058.53
Hobart Sales & Service Repairs/Service 301.00
Hoefling’s Pumpkin Patch Field trip 222.00
Home Depot Pro Supplies 671.40
Hometown Pantry Supplies 95.13
IA Dept Of Human Services Medicaid Reimbursement 2,467.16
Iowa Choral Directors Assoc. Entry Fee 80.00
Iowa Communications Network Services 53.33
Iowa School Finance Information Services 100.00
Jeltema, Randy Official 125.00
Jenness, Lloyd Official 240.00
Johnson Oil Company Propane 1,280.00
Justice Fire & Safety Inc. Fire Inspection 241.82
K-P Music Boosters Reimbursement 51.00
KMK Apparel & Design LLC Printing Supplies 180.00
Kooima, Jordyn Reimburse 45.90
Kraft Kleaners LLC Services 454.35
Lammers Automotive Vehicle Repairs 2,386.80
Learning A-Z License 1,375.00
Logra Learning LLC Instructional Services 25,365.00
Lubbers, Caleb Official 125.00
Lumber Pros Lumber Supplies 2,388.96
Lunchtime Solutions Inc. Food Service 37,595.48
Lyons, Donald Official 125.00
Malsam, Jennifer Official 125.00
Mathematically Minded LLC Instructional Supply 44.50
Matheson Tri-Gas Inc. Instr Supplies 859.19
McCormick-Guntren Music Corp Supplies 1,341.71
MCJ Inc. Supplies 155.20
Menards-Sioux City Supplies 23.99
Mid American Energy Company Gas/Electric Service 22,776.21
Midwest Alarm Services Services 1,183.92
Midwest Technology Instr Supplies 223.51
Monell, Jill Official 120.00
Moville Record Minutes/Bills.. 460.62
Mr. Muffler Exhaust Specialist, Inc. Services 784.42
New Cooperative Inc. Fuel, Maintenance Supply 810.30
Niles, David Official 125.00
Northwest AEA Instr Supplies 120.98
Northwestern College Tuition Grant 9,900.00
OABCIG Comm School Entry Fee 70.00
Partyfun Rentals, LLC Supplies 212.00
Pash, Dale Official 100.00
Pearson, Stephan Official 125.00
Pitsco Education LLC Instructional Supply 2,588.97
Popplers Music Store Music Supplies 229.00
Powell, Suzanne Reimburse 79.20
Reinking, Jody Reimburse 24.30
Renaissance Learning Inc. Instruct Supply 1,836.75
Rentokil North America, Inc. Pest Control 129.93
Rick’s Computers Computer Supplies/Service 159.30
Riddell/All American Sports Athletic Equip/Reconditioning 1,442.07
Ridge View Community School Entry Fee 70.00
Rolling Oil Co. Gasoline-Oil/Service 4,709.50
Sam’s Club/Gecf Supplies 766.61
Sanitary Services Garbage Service 703.00
Scholastic Book Fairs- 8 Book Fair Cost 1,288.84
School Specialty Inc. Instr Supplies 99.82
Schroeder, Jackie Reimbursement 151.20
Schroeder, Kim Reimburse 32.40
Schroeder, Mark Reimburse 21.60
Secure Benefits Systems Flex Plan Fees 4,524.66
Seuntjens, Amanda Reimbursement 74.98
Seuntjens, Bill Official 769.00
Sioux City Truck Sales Inc. Bus Repairs 1,126.16
Spooner, Jenni Reimburse 21.04
Stan Houston Equipment Shop Supply 35.17
Stanwick, Maggie Reimburse 4.54
Staples Advantage Supplies 1,423.79
Team Dynamics Supplies 208.00
Ten Napel, Jeffrey Official 125.00
Ten Napel, Travis Official 125.00
Timberline Billing Service LLC Medicaid Services 319.53
Todd, Chandler Official 125.00
Trophies Plus Inc. Award Pins 412.70
Verizon Wireless Phone service 200.05
Visual Edge Dba Counsel Office Services 265.97
Walsworth Yearbook 2,171.66
West Sioux High School Entry Fee 75.00
Western Valley Conference Conference Gate Receipts 825.00
Wiatel Phone service 527.02
Wiese, Rob Reimbursement.. 215.37
Willer, Chad Official 150.00

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Thursday, October 20, 2022

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