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Pierson City Council Minutes/Bills — October 12, 2022

Pierson City Council
Wednesday, October 12

The Pierson City council met in regular session on Wednesday, Oct. 12th, 2022. Mayor Struve called the meeting to order and all council were in attendance. Motion by Bubke to approve the consent agenda, seconded by Krier, all voted aye; motion carried. Items included minutes from the regular and special Sept meetings, claims and disbursements through Oct 12 and building permit for 316 Main St and a Liquor License for Thonny’s. Sheriff report was given.

Mayor Struve opened the Appeal Hearing for Jeff Wilson, both sides presented evidence. Motion by Sistrunk to deny the appeal, seconded by Bubke, all voted aye; motion carried. Motion by Sistrunk to give 60 days to have all the items in the alley ROW gone or moved inside, all the snow equipment moved on to the lot owned by Wilsons, tires and other junk items in the lot area gone or stored inside. The vehicles that are licensed are OK to stay. Motion was seconded by Bubke; all voted aye, motion carried.

Shelly Beckstrom addressed the council about speed signs and stop signs on Elm St. and a Children at play sign. Council will take under advisement. She would also like her road chip sealed.

Council heard from Carmen Wilson regarding Tyler Ellisons property. The certified letter was not picked up and was returned to Absolute Inspections The sheriff attempted to serve the property but was not done before the property changed hands. A motion was made by Saxen to drop the citation at 321 Main, seconded by McQueen all voted aye; motion carried.

Steve Wilson asked the council for clarification on a letter he received. Mayor Struve addressed the parking issue at 400 4th St prior to the meeting.

Motion by Bubke to donate$50 to the yearbook for an advertisement on the banner seconded by Krier, all aye motion carried.

Motion by McQueen, seconded by Bubke to approve the Final Pay Request from Bainbridge construction. All voted aye motion carried.

Motion by Sistrunk to approve

seconded by Bubke all voted aye; motion carried.
Motion by Bubke, seconded by Sistrunk to approve the annual financial report, all voted aye; motion carried. Motion by Sistrunk seconded by Krier to approve RESOLUTION 2022-21 the Street Finance Report, all voted aye; carried,
Motion by Sistrunk seconded by Bubke to move the Nov 9th meeting to 5:15PM to accommodate the landfill meeting at 7. Motion passed 5-0
Motion by Krier to split the cost of the sewer repair on South St with Wiatel all voted aye; carried.
The Clerk advised the council of the burn ban that is in effect and asked the council to send anyone with questions regarding burning to the clerk.
Motion by adjourn by Bubke seconded by Sistrunk; carried 5-0

Jeanette Beekman
City Clerk

Wellmark insurance $3,220.86
Woodbury Co. Treasurer taxes $10.00
Western Insurance Agency insurance $100.00
USA BlueBook supplies $166.08
MidAmerican electric $42.91
Foundation Analytical testing $127.50
Verizon internet $61.91
MidAmerican electric $1,700.91
Dallas Vitito deposit refund $100.00
Staples fee $25.00
Frontier phone/internet $134.08
EMP supplies $239.17
IPERS pension $1,156.93
Tyler Ellison deposit refund $15.61
United States Treasury
withholding $1,638.35
Foundation Analytical testing $81.00
Iowa DNR water use fee $116.50
Barkley Asphalt overlays $49,567.50
Veenstra and Kimm prof fees $684.00
Jeff Robertson HVAC work $550.00
Dave Hutton training reimbursement $1,158.52
Iowa Dept of Revenue withholding $660.00
Beelner supplies $109.55
Iowa Dept of Rev sales tax $57.65
Mouser Digging well repair $24,221.45
The Record publishing $27.54
REC electric $60.76
Theresa Emge reimburse training $125.00
Hallet Rock rock $301.94
Clark’s Hardware paint clamps supplies $70.45
New Coop fuel $438.42
EMP collars $14.58
WITCC EMT training $1,711.00

Disbursements Receipts by
by Fund:                 Fund:
$144,355.37        $12,971.59
$7698.97           $12,062.30
Special Revenue
Debt Service
Road Use

Published in The Record
Thursday, October 20, 2022

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