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Lawton City Council Minutes/Bills — October 12, 2022

Lawton City Council Meeting
October 12, 2022

The Lawton city council met in regular session at 5:30pm on October 12, 2022 at the Lawton Friendship Center. Mayor Pedersen called the meeting to order at 5:30pm. Roll call was answered by Nelsen, Roth, and Saunders. Also is attendance: city clerk Tricia Jernberg, public works director Justin Dunnington, Ryan Beardshear, Jeremy Baltushis, Paul Yaneff, WCSO Sgt. Cleveringa, Steve Hansen, Howard Smith, Marie Farrell, Mike and Carly Brown, and Lori Hummel.

Agenda: Motion by Saunders, second by Roth to approve the agenda as posted. Motion carried with all voting aye.

Public forum: Steve Hansen introduced himself as Iowa’s House District 2 Representative. He is seeking reelection and wanted to reach out to Lawton residents. Lori Hummel asked about getting the temperature displayed on the city sign again.

Sheriff report: Sgt. Cleveringa reported the department is still transitioning software so there is no formal report, and possibly adding a part-time DARE officer. Council thanked department for their work.

Fire: There were no calls or training for September.

Clerk: Clerk reported submitting an Aureon grant through Wiatel to go to the purchase of tables and chairs for the new community center, IMWCA will be attending a future meeting to discuss the high claim risk program they just rolled out where the city has been identified as meeting the criteria for, there is one feral cat left by Cedar & Birch that residents would like trapped, building permits for 431 E Maple, 411 E Main, 420 E Maple, and 105 Elm have been approved, and clerk will be gone the 20th and 21st for the IMFOA conference in Des Moines.

Mayor: Mayor reported getting a few comments about dogs not on leashes in the W Creek area, speaking to a resident about a neighborly dispute, received a couple comments about feeding varmints and reminds the community that pets are required to be licensed with the city, had more discussions about possible new signs for the city in partnership with the new school program, and has started thinking about a community celebration when the new building is ready to open. For the new building there will not be a stove in the kitchen, the flagpole needed to be repositioned to a different green area, the lights that were ordered were the wrong items but the additional cost will not fall on the city, and the heat exchanger has been pushed back until December which will delay the community center portion to be occupied. Final walk through with H&R will be the middle of November.

Public works: Director reported more work being done on the rear parking lot at the new building, concrete will be finished this week, and will be getting fence quotes for around the well. Also able to fill potholes in town and hopefully completed the final mowing for the year. Fall yard waste can be put into the dumpsters by the maintenance shed and will be emptied every Wednesday. Bags should be used to keep items contained if dumpster is full. Hydrant flushing was postponed but will be done before the end of October.

Attorney: Ryan Beardshear was in attendance to represent Glenn Metcalf and did not have anything to share with council.

Consent agenda: Motion by Saunders, second by Nelsen to approve the minutes of the September 14, 2022 regular meeting. Motion carried with all voting aye. Motion by Nelsen, second by Roth to approve October disbursements and approve the September claims for payment and financial reports. Motion carried with all voting aye. Motion by Nelsen, second by Roth to approve the utility billing trial balance and accounts receivable audit report. Motion carried with all voting aye.

Waste-water improvements: Mayor will be setting up progress meetings with engineer and city staff to continue project discussions to determine the best option for the lagoon improvement project.
Ordinance 2022-02: Council and resident discussion includes previous rate increase, raise increments, raise reasonings, and current sewer fund amounts. Action and further discussion tabled until November meeting to provide more time to gather more information.

Resolution 2022-19: Approving and Authorizing a form of Rural Economic Development Loan Agreement and authorizing and providing for the issuance of a Promissory Note and levying a tax to pay the Note
Motion by Saunders, second by Roth to approve Resolution 2022-19. Motion carried on a roll call vote with all members present voting aye.

FY22 Annual Financial Report: Motion by Saunders, second by Nelsen to approve the FY22 Annual Financial Report. Clerk will publish as required. Motion carried with all voting aye.

LIHWAP: Motion by Nelsen, second by Saunders to enter into an agreement through the Siouxland Community Action Agency with the state of Iowa Low Income Households Water Assistance Program. Motion carried with all voting aye.

Resolution 2022-20 Transfer Fire Funds: Motion by Saunders, second by Roth to transfer $14,955.72 into the Fire CD account, which includes the end of the FY22 remaining budget and the amount of awarded equipment grant. Motion carried on a roll call vote with all members present voting aye.

Furnishings: Motion by Roth, second by Nelsen to purchase community center chairs and tables, and office desks. Motion carried with all voting aye. Discussion to add a water softener to new community center building. Mayor will look into pricing that was given by H&R.

With no further business, motion by Roth, second by Nelsen to adjourn the meeting at 6:28pm. Motion carried with all voting aye.

Jesse Pedersen, Mayor
Tricia Jernberg, City Clerk

City of Lawton – Claims & Revenues September 2022
ACCO UNLIMITED Chlorine $482.80
BADGER METER Annual monthly service fee $560.23
BLUE VALLEY PUBLIC SAFETY Warning siren service.. $1,346.11
BOMGAARS LL Clothing & Fire Truckbed coating $383.63
BROWN SUPPLY Old water tower lid replacement $190.00
CERTIFIED TESTING Concrete testing-August $1,434.00
CITY OF LAWTON Fire utilities $40.05
FAREWAY – SIOUX CITY Parade Candy $66.47
GILL HAULING, INC August garbage $6,363.02
H&R CONSTRUCTION CO Pay request #5 $284,391.05
HAKA PW Fuel $1,917.06
IMFOA IMFOA October conference $125.00
INLAND TRUCK Dump truck leaks fix/service $3,313.03
IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY MPI Registration $176.00
KC ENGINEERING, P.C. CH/MNT/CC Engineering #6 $1,375.00
MENARDS – SIOUX CITY Sprinkler heads $252.26
MIDWEST WHEEL COMPANIES Payloader lights/snowchains $1,297.13
OIL EXPRESS, INC. Petro FG-2 $88.40
OKOBOJI COMMONS Fall Conference Hotel $192.00
O’REILLY AUTOMOTIVE Fire- washing supplies $214.42
SBW INC DBA ACE ENGINE Mower blades/belt $448.28
SCE, LLC W Birch Main Break $2,397.33
SG CONCRETE Cedar Ct Water line break fix $1,105.00
SHERWIN-WILLIAMS Paint Samples $56.12
STAPLES – SIOUX CITY Newsletter Paper $75.97
STUBBS CONSTR Cedar Ct water line fix $641.41
THE RECORD August publishing $188.10
TREAS ST IA August WET payment $1,097.15
TRIVIEW COMMUNICATIONS CH Camera service $153.75
VIRGIL BREMER Reimburse Unity Point copay $20.00
WELLMARK Health Insurance $1,686.59
WESTERN IOWA TELEPHONE Telephone & Internet $471.87
ZIEGLER Headlight for payloader $47.19

Claims by fund: General $16,357.23, Fire $2,133.61, Road Use Tax $6,157.77, Building 2022 $287,200.05, Water $13,709.95, Sewer $1,380.58
Revenues by fund: General $34,842.90, Road Use Tax $14,788.89, Local Option Sales Tax $19,034.48, Building 2022 $200,000, Water $18,545.77, Water Deposit $100, Sewer $11,970.59

Published in The Record
Thursday, October 27, 2022

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