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Pierson City Council Minutes/Claims — November 9, 2022

Pierson City Council
Wednesday, November 9th

The Pierson City Council met in regular session on Wednesday, November 9th 2022. Mayor Struve called the meeting to order at 5:15PM. Council in attendance Krier, Bubke, Saxen. Sistrunk joined the meeting at 5:20. Motion by Saxen, seconded by Krier to approve the consent agenda, all voted aye; motion carried. Items on the consent agenda included minutes from the regular and special October meetings, Claims through Nov 9th and Oct financial statements.

Receipts by fund: General$295051.05, Road Use$3137.30, Special$24690.00 Proprietary$12065.16, Debt Service$15076.12 Expense by fund: General$63985.32, Road Use$1963.98, Special$4801.77 Proprietary$72595.06. Council reviewed the sheriff report that was provided.

Rachel Fuller addressed the council regarding a spay/neuter cat program in town; she would like to do fund raising and have the council match the funds and she is volunteering to trap and transport the animals to the vet. Rachel also addressed the council about hosting a contest for painting a new mural on the community building. Clerk will look into the legal/insurance issues with both ideas.

A suggested ordinance change will be drafted for the December meeting and will include no center parking on Second St from Summit St to the first alley west.

A court order was reviewed to remove property from a Front St property. Motion by Bubke, seconded by Krier to proceed. All voted aye, motion carried.

Motion by Sistrunk, seconded by Bubke to set a public hearing date for Dec 14 at 7PM for the purpose of selling at auction the 2010 Dodge pick-up.

Motion by Saxen, seconded by Bubke to pay the Housing Project Pay request for$10696.80. All vote aye; motion carried.

Motion by Saxen, seconded by Sistrunk to approve the Humane Society Contract all voted aye, motion carried.

Motion by Sistrunk, seconded by Saxen to purchase Carlisle tires from Wilson Repair for the bobcat, all voted aye; motion carried.

Motion by Sistrunk to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Bubke all aye; carried.

Jeanette Beekman
City Clerk

Ace Engine filters $22.24
Amerigroup refund $10.46
Clarks Hdw paint/supplies $76.94
Electrical Engineering batteries $215.99
EMP collars $7.29
Frontier phone/internet $220.42
IMFOA fall conference $145.00
Iowa Dept of Rev wet tax $304.88
Iowa Dept of Rev sales tax $18.85
Iowa Firefighters Assoc. dues $238.00
Iowa League of Cities budget class $50.00
IPERS pension $906.99
KMK decal $12.84
Knoepfler Chevrolet pick-up $31,339.00
LP GILL fees $1,735.55
MidAmerican electric $32.88
MidAmerican $1,377.18
New Coop fuel $186.69
New Coop fuel $336.63
PCC billing $920.50
Simmering Cory grant admin $12,000.00
Sooland Bobcat oil/filter $75.08
The Record publishing $304.56
Thompson Automation VFD repair $619.50
Thompson Law Office legal $3,331.00
Trina Camerer deposit refund.. $8.39
United States Treasury withholding $1,279.18
Veenstra and Kimm prof fees $513.00
Verizon internet $69.11
Wellmark insurance $3,220.86
Wia-Tel sewer line repair $559.32
Woodbury Co Sheriff civil $60.00
REC electric $62.12
JM Construction boulevard work $23,250.00
Gilman Services housing grant contract $10,696.80

Published in The Record
Thursday, November 24, 2022

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