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Correctionville City Council Minutes/Bills — December 12, 2022

Correctionville City Council
Regular City Council Meeting –
December 12, 2022

CALL TO ORDER: The Correctionville City Council met in Regular session on December 12, 2022, at the Correctionville City Hall. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor Kathy Hoffmann.

ROLL CALL: Council members answering roll: Ciara Alioth, Bob Beazley, Kourtnee Mammen, Dan Volkert and Adam Petty. Absent: None. City Attorney was represented by Chad Thompson.


APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Motion by Volkert, 2nd by Beazley to approve the agenda. Passed 5/0.

CONSENT AGENDA: Motion by Beazley, 2nd by Petty to approve the minutes of the November 14, 2022 regular meeting and November 28, 2022 special meeting. Bills as listed. Reports as filed.

PUBLIC FORUM – CITIZEN INPUT: Bonnie Ellis representing the American Legion asked if the city could take over hanging of flags on city streets. The safety of the gentlemen that currently do it is of concern. Justin Short and Leya Lorenzen spoke regarding complaints that have been addressed with them at their home located at 538 Fir St. They feel they are being harassed and lies have been told and want the council to be aware they have contacted an attorney over the situation. Brenda Hayes spoke, being one of the people filing a complaint at the above-said address, that this has been going on for months and she has contacted not only the city on numerous occasions but the Sheriff’s Department. She would like to see enforcement of the noise ordinance take place.

Deputy Cleveringa reviewed the Sheriff’s report. There were 14 calls for service and numerous hours of direct patrol in Correctionville. Questions were asked regarding the nature of a few of the calls.

Pat Langschwager informed the council the plow truck and red truck are being looked at and still solving repair needs and the backhoe is still getting repaired as well. They have been busy with snow removal and there have been a few graves that have been dug. The water plant has some valves needing repaired, parts for this are ordered. Mayor Hoffmann asked if it would be a problem for them to hang the legion flags. Pat advised that they had done it before and should be no problem. He requested a schedule from the American Legion for hanging of flags.

Chief Wortman reported 17 calls for service this last month. He encouraged the council to attend Jingle Thru the Jog as they are having an open house and the new ambulance is currently in service and will be displayed for the public to see.

Eric Lundell – Sanitary Services, updated the council on the need to renew the contract and rate with Sanitary Service for garbage removal. It has not been updated since 2018. The new monthly rate will be $15.50, and the $1.00 container fee will still be the same for the city, making the total garbage amount monthly be $16.50. The contract and ordinance will be presented at the next meeting on January 9, 2023.

Nathan Heilman – 1510 Megans Way, addressed the council on the potential of either vacating the road Ethan Avenue or finishing the sidewalk on that property to complete the city owned portion on that end of Megans Way. After much discussion, the council agreed to budget to have a sidewalk installed and to not vacate that road. They will plan this for next year’s budget.

Nelle Belle development update. Discussion on what has happened in the last two weeks and an update from Chad Thompson regarding the Urban Renewal and TIF for the property along with the timing of having things completed for this first phase. Beaux Sargent spoke regarding the potential of him purchasing land to build an expo building to use for auctions and sales, roping competition, barrel racing and the potential of renting it monthly to people interested in using an indoor facility.

Motion by Volkert, 2nd by Petty to adopt Resolution 2022-43 setting date, time, and place of public hearing to consider the sale of property. This is the section in the Nelle Belle area consisting of 7.29 acres that Dixon Construction is purchasing.

It is described as A TRACT OF LAND LOCATED IN THE SOUTHEAST QUARTER OF THE NORTHEAST QUARTER (SE ¼ NE ¼) OF SECTION 34, TOWNSHIP 89 NORTH, RANGE 42 WEST OF THE 5TH P.M., WITHIN THE CORPORATE LIMITS OF THE TOWN OF CORRECTIONVILLE, WOODBURY COUNTY, IOWA, to be held January 9, 2023, at 7:00 p.m., Council Chambers, 312 Driftwood Street, Correctionville, Iowa. Roll Call. Passed 5/0.

Discussion/Action for 512 5th Street property (old school). There is the possibility of the city purchasing this building. Discussion was had by the council. Currently, we need to further investigate the cost of demolition and asbestos removal. There are grants available, but they will not cover all costs and they are competitive to get. The council agreed to move forward with at least an asbestos inspection and a phase 1 environmental study which needs to be completed before any consideration of sale.

Discussion/Consideration of Abandoned Building Ordinance. Tabled at this time.

Volkert introduced the third reading of Ordinance 734-2022, an ordinance amending Correctionville code of ordinances, chapter 63, subsection 63.04 (2)(B). Speed Regulations. This would reduce the speed to 25 mph through all of Driftwood Street. Motion by Volkert, 2nd by Mammen to approve the third reading. Passed 5/0. Motion by Petty, 2nd by Beazley to adopt Ordinance 734-2022. Roll Call. Passed 5/0.

Motion by Volkert, 2nd by Petty adopting Resolution 2022-44 approving reappointment of Kim Mebius to the Board of Adjustment for a five (5) year term. Roll Call. Passed 5/0.

Budget workshop scheduled for January 9, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.

Potential for a new business in town.

Reminder for all the council and the citizens that Jingle Thru the Jog is Friday, December 16th and the Fire and Rescue will have the new ambulance on display.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:16 p.m.


November         November
Expenditures   Revenues
General Fund
$28,711.27           $30,298.53
Road Use Tax
$28,760.24            $8,331.39
Employee Benefits
Tif Nelle Belle
Copeland Fund
Cemetery Maint.
American Rescue Plan
Debt Service
$6,069.70             $7,046.99
CDBG Housing
Nelle Belle Development
Water Fund
$6,188.36             $8,905.19
Sewer Fund
$6,960.38             $13,417.51
$83,347.89          $75,212.52

Vendor/Amount Description
Ipers Ipers $2,065.63
Department Of Treasury Federal $2,758.06
Iowa Dept Of Revenue Sales Tax Nov 2022 $119.22
Iowa Dept Of Revenue Wet Tax Nov 2022 $475.18
Iowa Finance Authority Sewer Lining Interest $1,111.25
Iowa Finance Authority Sewer Force Main Interest $2,726.57
Cedcorp, Inc. Business Grant $5,000.00
Steve Harris Construction, Inc. Pay Request #2 Final $5,434.19
FNB Pool Bond Interest $4,680.00
FNB Hwy 20 Infra. Interest..$1,389.70
USPS Postage $175.12
United Healthcare Insurance $6,313.18
MidAmerican Electric $2,209.87
AT&T Mobility Phone $89.64
Badger Meter Inc Beacon Meter Hosting $41.82
Banyon Data Systems Inc Subscription $564.00
Builders Sharpening & Service Repairs $106.49
Cedcorp, Inc Donation $500.00
Chamber Of Commerce Donation $500.00
Corner Hardware Supplies $51.85
Correctionville Building Center Repairs $203.46
Display Sales Lights $134.50
Foundation Analytical Water Testing $33.00
Hawkins Inc Chemicals $1,580.44
Iowa One Call Locates $23.60
Johnson Propane Propane $2,334.50
Joy Auto Supply Inc. Maintenance $380.64
Longlines Phone $139.76
Lowes Lights $548.62
McKesson Medical Supplies $371.76
Menards Repairs $524.31
Metering & Technology Solution Parts $471.41
NetSys Repairs $125.00
New Cooperative, Inc. Fuel $1,819.66
Northwest Iowa Community College Training $95.00
Office Elements Supplies $172.56
PCC Ambulance Billing October 2022 $484.58
Moville Record Publishing $429.12
TrueNorth AD&D Life Insurance $133.00
USPS Box Rent $108.00
Utility Service Co Inc Water Tower 1st Qtr 2023 $3,756.45
Visa Supplies $1,081.11
Western Iowa Equipment Repairs $227.03

Published in The Record
Thursday, December 22, 2022

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