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Cushing City Council — December 7, 2022

Cushing City Council Minutes
December 7, 2022
Cushing City Hall – 200 Main St.

The regular meeting of the Cushing City Council was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Mayor Don Joy Jr.

Council members present: Jerry Wittrock, Shawn Joy, Jesse VanHouten, Mary Tyler, Alex Rabbass.  Absent: none.  Also present: Jodi Paris, Sgt Cleveringa

Motion by Rabbass, seconded by VanHouten to approve consent agenda which includes:
1) Meeting agenda
2) November 1, 2022 Minutes
3) Financial Statement & Budget Report
4) Claims as Presented
5) Building Permits
Motion passed 5/0.

Acco Liquid Chlorine 324.00
Days Door Co. Fire Dept.
window 150.00
Elaine Droegmiller Library
Materials 172.74
Earl Ellsworth Equipment
Use 85.00
Electronic Engineering Fire Dept. Batteries 139.13
Foundation Analytical Lab Water testing 15.00
Hoffman Agency Clerk Bond.. 175.00
Iowa Finance Authority
Lift Station Loan 2629.21
Standpipe Loan 6480.00
Iowa One Call Locate Services 18.90
ISG Operator Services 536.75
Jacobs Electric Berkostat 195.92
MCI Telephone 31.22
Menards Supplies 151.62
MidAmerican Electricity 908.67
Municipal Supply Smart Points 233.41
New Coop Fire fuel 118.37
Nicole Huisinga mileage/supplies 59.27
One Office Solution Supplies 71.61
Petersen Oil Fuel 326.70
REC Electricity 125.01
Sanitary Services Garbage Service 4061.25
Schaller Telephone Telephone 57.36
Sioux Valley Automotive Tire Repair 25.00
Stan Houston Quick Patch 336.25
Stevenson Hardware Parts 81.98
The Record Publishing 63.72
United Bank of Iowa Lift Station Loan Payment 1706.28
USA Bluebook Water parts 72.97
USPS Postage 120.00
Woodbury County Landfill Yearly Fees 700.24

General 4974.45
Library 120.00
Road Use 1776.37
Water Fund 3228.76
Sewer Fund 3665.00
Solid Waste Fund 1671.76
Fire Fund 0.00
Total Revenue: 15436.34

Sheriff’s Report. Report given.
Library Report. Report given.
Clerk Report. Report given.

City Maintenance. Council discussed application for city maintenance worker. Motion made by Joy to hire Earl Ellsworth, seconded by Tyler. Motion carried 5/0.

E911/Landfill Board. No report given.

Old 20 CDC. No report given.

Committee & Appointments.
Motion made by VanHouten to approve Reports as given. Seconded by Wittrock. Motion carried 5/0.

Old Business

General Business
• Sioux City Humane Society. Motion to approve the contract with Human Society made by Joy, seconded by Tyler. Motion carried 5/0.
• Cemetery Land. Council discussed findings from county deeds. Clerk is tasked with finding out what area towns charge for plots, if we can reclaim plots that haven’t been used in decades, and the process to do that.
• ISG. Motion to approve $17,511.00 pay request #4 for lift station made by Wittrock, seconded by Rabbass. Motion carried 5/0.


Next regular meeting has been set for Tuesday, January 3, 2023, at 6:30 p.m. With no further business, motion by Wittrock, seconded by Tyler to adjourn at 7:28 p.m. Motion carried 5/0.

Mayor Don Joy, Jr. _________
Attested by: _______________
City Clerk Nicole Huisinga

Published in The Record
Thursday, December 22, 2022

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