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Pierson City Council — December 14, 2022

Pierson City Council
Wednesday, December 14, 2022

The Pierson City Council met in regular session on Wednesday, December 14, 2022. All council were present. Mayor Struve called the meeting to order and opened the public hearing on the sale of the Dodge pick-up at 7PM. No one was present to comment and no written comments were received on the sale. Motion by Bubke seconded by Krier to close the hearing, all voted aye; carried.

Motion by Bubke seconded by Sistrunk to sell the truck on the DP Auction site, all voted aye; carried. Motion by Bubke to approve the consent agenda items a-c and move items d-e (animal and building permit) to the regular agenda for discussion.

Items on the consent agenda approved by this motion: minutes from the Nov meeting, claims through Dec 14th, financial statements from November. Motion seconded by Bubke all votes aye, motion carried. Disbursements by fund: General $86038.42, Road Use $808.23, Special Rev. $2647.84, Proprietary $20274.79. Receipts by fund: General $78865.42, Road Use $2962.51, Special Rev. $1537.23, Proprietary $12541.75

The sheriff report was reviewed.

Public Forum: Matt Mahoney discussed with council the parking on Second St.
The building permit for a shed and house at 10 Main St and an animal permit from 10 Main St. were discussed. Motion by Sistrunk, seconded by Bubke to approve the building permit, all vote aye; carried.

Motion by Krier, seconded by Buke to approve the animal permit for 2 horses and 1 donkey for a 6-month trial period renewable if no complaints are received. Krier, Bubke and Saxen voted aye, Sistrunk and McQueen voted nay; carried.

Council discussed the ordinance presented regarding the parking on Second St. After discussion on other options action was tabled.

Two Resolutions were passed regarding public purpose: RESOLUTION 2022-23 ENTERING AN AGREEMENT WITH THE K-P LITTLE LEAGUE was passed upon a motion by McQueen, seconded by Saxen; all aye. RESOLUTION 2022-24 ENTERING AN AGREEMENT WITH THE PIERSON TOWN AND COUNTRY CLUB was passed with a motion by Sistrunk, seconded by McQueen, all aye; carried.

A pay request was submitted for the Housing Grant Project. Motion by Sistrunk to approve the request for $6523.20, seconded by Bubke all voted aye; carried.

Council reviewed 2 quotes for a new computer for the water plant. Motion by Bubke to approve the WiaTel quote seconded by McQueen all voted aye; motion carried.

Clerk asked the council for budget project items for the 2024 fiscal year: Sewer lining was discussed and finishing the streets.

Motion to adjourn by Krier seconded by Bubke, carried.

Jeanette Beekman, City Clerk

Iowa Finance Authority debt payment interest $1,720.00
Iowa Finance Authority debt payment interest $2,750.00
MidAmerican electric $1,365.96
Woodbury County Sheriff fees $45.00
Frontier phone/internet $235.92
Wellmark insurance $3,220.86
Western Insurance premium $748.00
Amazon supplies, trash bags $135.97
Payroll Mate 2023 Software $149.00
United States Treasury withholding $1,269.58
IPERS pension $901.19
Iowa Dept of Rev WET tax $315.66
Iowa Dept of Rev Sales Tax $18.85
Badger Meter read fee $97.01
Foundation Analytical testing $171.00
USA Blue Book check valve/reagents $418.61
Menards bulbs $36.12
Woodbury EMS assists $400.00
Mahoney Auto repairs $78.28
Bomgaars supplies $46.51
Simmering-Cory grant admin $2,000.00
Kevin Reinking training $125.00
Woodbury County Library fees $7,029.00
Doyle Struve reimburse $41.72
Thompson Automation SCADA repair $182.50
Visu-Sewer cleaning lines $10,626.18
Jeaentte Beekman reimburse mileage $250.00
Dave Hutton reimburse $30.00
Holiday Inn IMFOA lodging.. $233.49
Brown Supply supplies $70.00
EMP Amb Supplies $55.56
Beelner supplies $4.62
Iowa Rural Water Assoc. dues $225.00
Ahlers Cooney prof fees $6,035.64
Iowa One Call locate fee $25.20
Wilson Repair tires $1,340.00
REC electric $67.64
New Coop fuel $224.73
GEMT fees $44.64

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Thursday, December 29, 2022

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