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The Alons Archive by Senator Kevin Alons (January 13, 2023)

The Alons Archive by Senator Kevin Alons

The 90th General Assembly of the legislature got underway this week, and I can honestly say it has been quite a learning experience!  I was one of nine new Republicans senators sworn in and I was thrilled to have my wife, mother, sister, son-in-law, daughter and grandson in attendance.  I am honored to serve each of you in the Iowa Senate and look forward to advancing the interests of Iowa in the next 4 years, as a part of a GOP supermajority in Iowa – the first in decades.

During the first week of session, we heard Governor Reynolds’s Condition of the State address, the Condition of the Judiciary, and the Condition of the Guard, which highlighted the respective status, accomplishments and needs of each.  We also heard speeches from many leaders, had initial committee meetings and I participated in my first subcommittee meeting.

Regarding committees, I have the privilege of serving on the following committees: Agriculture, Health & Human Services, Appropriations, Technology, and Veteran’s Affairs.

I believe my district has some very good public schools that are striving to meet the needs of their students.  I also believe that there are many factors working against success in the classroom, including radical curriculums and content, ever increasing mandates and requirements, and a loss of local control, leaving many parents and teachers frustrated with no way to hold the system accountable.

Governor Reynolds unveiled a bold K-12 education agenda that refocuses on students and parents, will bring accountability and competition to education in the state, and ensures that parents are empowered to choose the very best education for their children regardless of their economic status.  This model has been used in other states and countries with great success, and I look forward to supporting this bill and do not accept the naysayer’s fear that any change to the status quo is terrible.

Speaking of successes, Iowa is reaping the benefits of previously passed reforms by Republicans, including significant income tax reductions, reductions in corporate taxation, and elimination of taxes on retirement income (including farmers).  All of these reforms were attacked as terrible and dangerous, but instead our state is in far better economic condition than before.

I am excited to represent each of you in the legislature this year and look forward to addressing the many challenges we face as individuals, families, communities and the entire state, with a strong commitment to faith, freedom, opportunity and the future of our state and nation.  Please reach out with your ideas, concerns and issues.  I invite the conversation.

Visiting with several Iowa State Patrol officers at the Governor’s Inauguration
Swearing in with fellow senators Rocky De Witt, Tim Kraayenbrink, and Jason Schultz.

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