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Woodbury Central School Board Agenda — February 13, 2023

Woodbury Central Community School
Regular Board Meeting Agenda
Woodbury Central High School Library, Moville, Iowa
February 13, 2023 — 7:30 pm

1. Opening
a. Call to order
b. Roll call
c. Approve or amend the agenda
d. Approve minutes
e. Approve bills

2. Visitor/Community Comments

3. Open Hearing on School Calendar for 2023-2024

4. Adopt School Calendar for 2023-2024

5. Reports
a. Ms. Lambert
b. Mrs. Metcalf
c. Mr. Bormann
d. Mr. Glackin

6. Policies and Procedures:
a. Approve Open Enrollment In:
b. Notification of Open Enrollment Out

7. Buildings and Grounds:
a. Open Hearing: Approve specifications for parking lot, estimate of costs, and set deadline for bids
b. Open Hearing: Approve specifications for science rooms, estimate of costs, and set deadline for bids
c. Discussion with CMBA concerning wrestling room

8. Personnel:
a. Accept resignations
b. Approve contracts:
i. Dustin Bracy for Archery
ii. Jim Fisher for Assistant Transportation
c. Approve volunteer coaches
d. Approve lane changes
e. Negotiations first offer WCEA

9. Co-curricular: Admission costs for high school events

10. Board Items
a. Set Driver’s Education Fees: $330 with $230 per student going to the instructor ($35) and drivers ($185)
b. Approve Bus Quotes
c. Approve Sharing Agreements
d. Adopt the Budget Guarantee:
e. Approve Middle School Textbook Purchase:

11. For the good of the cause:

12. Adjourn
Exempt session for negotiations counter offer

Published in The Record
Thursday, February 9, 2023

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