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Bob’s DSM Bulletin (February 2, 2023)

Greetings from the Iowa Capitol

This has been quite a week at the Capital in that we passed over 10 bills with very little discussion because they were mostly administrative to either correct or update language in previous legislation. And all of them passed by large majorities, many of them unanimously. I am glad to know that even when disagreements among legislators occur, each opinion is directed to the benefit of Iowans.

If you want to read those bills, Sarah will list their numbers for you to look up in the legislative site:

  • HJR 3
  • HF 35
  • HF 111
  • HF 112
  • HF 113
  • HF 128
  • HF 133
  • HF 137
  • HF 138
  • HF 142
  • HF 143
  • HF 150
  • HF 158

We are currently wrestling with the issue of medical malpractice Tort Reform, and there are lots of excellent arguments on both sides of that issue. While the issue of the value of life must be considered carefully, the effects of awards given to plaintiffs can often dramatically affect the opportunity for medical care provided by hospitals and doctors to others. That is where the balance point is. But there is no doubt that we will arrive eventually at a decision that is equally advantageous (or perhaps disadvantageous) to both sides of the issue.

But the really impressive (to me) aspect of this week was the number of visitors who were here. Every day saw the Rotunda filled with people from all walks of life who were here to talk with legislators, advocate for positions, or just see this beautiful object of Iowa’s heritage. We were visited by around 30 members of the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday. Despite a full slate of committee meetings, I was able to find some time to visit with these active Siouxlanders who devote so much of their time to making our part of the state such a great place to live! Thank you to Chris McGowan and Barbara Sloniker for their work and leadership. I trust that it was an enjoyable (maybe even the 6-hours of driving) time.

Sarah, my clerk, will attach any more details of what this week has brought.

Special Elections in Iowa

On March 7, 60 counties will be holding special elections in some local jurisdictions. Below you will find a map of the counties where special elections will be taking place. Those who would like to vote absentee can request a ballot now. The form to request a ballot is available at More information about elections in your area can be found on your county auditor’s website.


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