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Kingsley-Pierson School Board Minutes/Bills — February 13, 2023

Kingsley-Pierson Community School
February 13, 2023 — CONFERENCE ROOM – KINGSLEY

The meeting was called to order by President Collins at 5:00 p.m.

Present Members: Collins, Bubke, Haggin, Plendl and Herbold

Motion was brought by Herbold, seconded by Plendl to approve the agenda. All voted aye, motion carried.

Motion was made by Herbold, seconded by Bubke to approve the January minutes. All voted aye, motion carried.

Invoice details were emailed to the Board members before the meeting. Questions included mileage reimbursements and a donation. Motion was brought by Herbold, seconded by Plendl, to approve listed bills in the amounts of $171,516.16 from the General fund, $12,343.94 from schoolhouse, $15,692.24 from the Kingsley activity $38,506.52 from lunch fund and $241.73 from Pierson Activity. All voted aye, motion carried.

Discussed the revenue and expenses for January. Purchased services increased. This line item includes open enrollment tuition, shared staff and utilities. We will continue to monitor these services. In January, there were several meetings preparing for the FY24 budget and Governor Reynolds approved the SSA rate of 3% for the FY24 school year. In March, the Board will discuss the various budget rates and approve one. Motion by Bubke, seconded by Herbold to approve the financial report. All in favor, motion carried.

7. OLD BUSINESS – none at this time

Athletic Sharing Agreements:
Motion by Bubke, seconded by Herbold to approve the athletic sharing agreement for track and cross country with Woodbury Central pending a successful gate discussion. All in favor, motion carried.

Motion by Haggin, seconded by Bubke to approve 11 man football for the FY24 school year. All in favor, motion carried. Motion by bubke, seconded by Herbold to extend a sharing agreement to River Valley for football. All in favor, motion carried.

Motion by Herbold, seconded by Plendl to approve Jerica Stickney’s resignation as an assistant boys and girls golf coach. All in favor, motion carried. Mr. Bailey thanked Jerica for her service and time with the district.

Contract Recommendations:
Motion by Bubke, seconded by Herbold to approve Lanette Lindgren as the Driver’s Education instructor. All in favor, motion carried.

Motion by Herbold, seconded by Bubke to approve Eron Andrews as a Route Bus driver. All in favor, motion carried.

Motion by Bubke, seconded by Herbold to approve Ross Johnson as the assistant boys and girls golf coach. All in favor, motion carried.

Motion by Bubke, seconded by Plendl to approve Jordyn Kooima as the assistant girls track coach. All in favor, motion carried.

Motion by Herbold, seconded by Plendl to change the current long term substitute pay policy through the remainder of the FY23 school year. This would change policy Code No. 410.1 from ten days to five days in the same position. All in favor, motion carried.

Policy Update: 700, 800, 900 Board Policy:
Motion by Herbold, seconded by Plendl to approve the 2nd reading of the recommended changes to the board policies series 700, 800, and 900. All in favor, motion carried.

Fundraiser Requests: None at this time

Mr. Wiese:
Mr. Wiese submitted a written report. Six week grade reports by the end of this week for the 3rd quarter. Parent teacher conferences will be March 14th and 16th. Drivers Ed begins this Thursday, Feb. 16 at 5:00 pm. Kindergarten Round-Up is planned for Friday, March 31 @9:00 or @1:00. Talent Show is scheduled for Friday, March 24. Lots of activities in progress . . . Boys basketball tonight (post-season tournament), Girls basketball tomorrow night (post-season tournament continues), State Wrestling Tournament this Wed. – Sat. in Des Moines! Congrats to the 4 state qualifiers:106 Evan Jagodzinske, 120 Gavin Wiig, 132 Carson Seuntjens, 138 Tyler Orzechowski. Congrats to the Team at Districts: 1st Place Team Points. And a shout out to the cheerleaders and their sponsor Amanda Seuntjens along with the managers and stat folks! Congrats to the Coaches: Bill Seuntjens, Brandon Borkowski, & Ross McNaughton. Lots of excitement this past Saturday! District Individual Speech competition in Moville on Sat., Jan. 25. Large Group wrapped up their season already with performances in Orange City and LeMars. FFA Week coming Feb. 20-24 with lots of activities. Shout out to the FFA kids on lots of awards recently. E-Sports has/is going over very well! Jazz Band has already had one competition and was awesome! WVC Vocal Festival @Westwood (Sloan) on Mon., Feb. 27. Sweetheart Dance this past Saturday held in the South Commons. Students were awesome! Thanks again to the chaperones for their help Shelly, Amanda, & Mr. Snakenberg!

Mr. Brand:
We will begin our Krispy Kreme fundraiser later this week. This will benefit our PBIS program. Our plan is to do another fundraiser in April for middle school athletics. We are coming up on our 6 week mark of the 3rd quarter already. Progress reports will be due later this week.
We also had our all-school incentive of a dodge ball tournament for reaching 2,500 PAWS cards. Our Special Education staff just finished up their last training on the new IEP system called Achieve. On Friday, February 17th, Her Health will be presenting with Zane Chwirka, Woodbury County Sheriff. They will be talking with students about making healthy choices. Our Lego League team competed at the end of January in Des Moines at the Iowa State campus. They earned 3rd place out of 64 teams across the state on their innovation project. Over the weekend, we had 19 students attend a Super Smash Brothers Tournament in Ida Grove. We had one 8th grade student earn 2nd place out of 25 students in the 1vs 1 competition. We also had a team earn 2nd place in the 3 vs 3 competition. Driver’s Education starts on Thursday in Kingsley from 5:00-7:00. We had many students earn Honor Roll for the First Semester and 2nd quarter. We recognized them on January 24th as an Honor Roll assembly. For the first semester we had 26 students that earned A Honor Roll, 7 students earned A Average, 41 students earned the A-B honor roll, and 18 students earned the Honorable Honor Roll. We finished our girls basketball season at the end of January. They finished strong with some wins at the end of the season. Erica Christiansen stepped in to help out Ross Johnson since he was out of town. We will be looking for a middle school boy’s basketball coach for next year. Chris has many commitments at work and is unable to coach. Boys Basketball will have a pizza party on Wednesday supplied by Coach Nissen. We are well into our Wrestling season with starting our practices in the middle of January. The athlete’s first meet was on February 2nd. Since then they have had 3 meets and their 4th meet is today in Sergeant Bluff. We will have our middle school home meet on February 23rd in Kingsley. We will use both gyms and there will be 10 teams attending.

Mr. Bailey:
The ESA or Educational Savings Account did pass and was signed by the governor. We have a few who attend parochial schools, hopefully, we won’t have more choosing to do so. We do receive around $1,200 for the students that do attend. The legislature did pass and the governor did sign the 3% SSA (Supplemental State Aid) for the 2023-24 school year. We had already settled at 3% with the teachers.
It has been a pretty busy time here these past few weeks. With wrestling, basketball, esports, jazz band, etc. This will be the last week of hosting basketball unless some teams get knocked off. We have been asked to host a regional final game. Congrats to our wrestlers for a successful season and wish our state qualifiers the best of luck at state. All School Pep Rally tomorrow at 9:00 a sendoff to our wrestlers. School Safety Report is done.

None at this time

At 6:25 p.m., motion was brought by Herbold, seconded by Plendl to adjourn the meeting. All voted aye, motion carried.

Laurie Schweitzberger, Board Secretary
Jason Collins, Board President

Aberson, Berwyn Official 155.00
Ahlers & Cooney, P.C. Legal Services 1,399.00
American Pop Corn Co Fund Raising Supplies 284.00
Andrews, Eron Reimburse 317.95
Baker, Keith Official 125.00
Barringer, Dale Official 90.00
Beelner’s Service Inc. Plumbing/Heating Repairs 579.51
Bobolz, Jill Reimbursement 24.30
Bohle Construction LLC Services 3,930.00
Bomgaars Supplies 137.03
Borchers, Bryan Official 125.00
Boustead, Laura Reimburse.. 40.10
Burger, Mason Official 90.00
Card Service Center Credit Card Pymt 3,236.52
Cash-Wa Distributing Supplies 123.84
Champion Teamwear Supplies 28.99
Chesterman Fund Raising Supplies 1,940.98
City Of Kingsley Water/Sewer 376.77
City Of Pierson Water/Sewer.. 64.10
Clark’s Hardware LLC Misc. Supplies 186.48
CMC Neptune LLC Subscription 1,620.00
Control System Specialists Heat-Vent Repairs/Service 576.53
Davidson, George Official 250.00
Department Of Education Bus Inspections 100.00
Devlin, Roxann Reimbursement 29.52
Dollar General Corporation Supplies 222.25
Doosky’s East Fund Raising Supply 77.04
Drew, David Official 125.00
Dunne, Marinda Reimburse 28.95
Dunwell LLC Services 495.00
Eakes Supply Supplies 909.39
East Side Jersey Dairy, Inc. Supplies 589.91
First Cooperative Association Fuel, Supplies 434.00
Fisher Scientific Instructional Supply 99.97
Goodwill Of Great Plains Tuition 621.26
Goodwin, Nicole Reimburse.. 100.80
Gottlieb, Joel Official 125.00
Groepper, Sara Reimburse 24.30
H & H Roofing Roofing Services 365.00
Hamman, Michael Reimbursement 25.20
Hauff Mid-America Sports Inc. Supplies 368.86
Hillyard/Sioux Falls Janitorial Supplies 986.72
Home Depot Pro Supplies 633.50
Hometown Pantry Supplies 113.93
IA Dept Of Human Services Medicaid Reimbursement 5,921.57
IA High School Speech Assoc. Entry Fees 55.00
Instrumentalist Awards Instr. Supplies 227.00
Iowa Communications Network Services 50.45
Iowa Division Of Labor Services Boiler Inspection Fees 240.00
Istate Truck Center Bus Parts 771.01
Jenness, Carson Officials 90.00
Jenness, Lloyd Official 90.00
Johnson Oil Company Propane 7,120.00
JW Pepper & Son Inc. Music Supplies 331.72
Kingsley Chamber Of Commerce Dues/Fees 50.00
Kirwan, Greg Official 125.00
KMK Apparel & Design LLC Printing Supplies 12.00
Knaack, Denise Accompanist 170.00
Kooima, Jordyn Reimburse 32.40
Kraft Kleaners LLC Services 90.00
Lammers Automotive Vehicle Repairs 1,352.41
Langley, Brett Official 180.00
Lawton-Bronson Schools Dues/Fees 9,612.79
Leigh High School Entry Fee 125.00
Logra Learning LLC Instructional Services 25,365.00
Lumber Pros Lumber Supplies 170.73
Lunchtime Solutions Inc. Food Service 38,382.68
Malloy, John Official 125.00
Malsam, Jennifer Official 125.00
Marcus Meriden Cleghorn/Remsen Union Tuition 3,788.04
Matheson Tri-Gas Inc. Instr. Supplies 208.87
McCormick-Guntren Music Corp Supplies 735.83
McGregor, Doug Services 300.00
Menards-Sioux City Supplies 1,887.13
Mid American Energy Company Gas/Elec Service 14,052.68
Mid-Step Services Services 12,600.00
Midstates Bank/Randi Anstine State Lego League 189.50
Motz, Curtis Official 80.00
Moville Record Minutes/Bills.. 170.10
Nasco Instr Supplies 71.96
Nelson, Jeff Official 90.00
New Cooperative Inc. Fuel, Maintenance Supply 968.29
Northwest AEA Instr. Supplies 394.32
Northwest Iowa Bandmasters Association Entry Fee 150.00
Northwestern College Field Trip 2,815.00
Nurse, James Official 125.00
Otto, Justin Official 180.00
Paper Corporation Paper 3,434.16
Peschau, Jonathon Snow Removal 2,940.00
Pollow, Taylor Official 455.00
Powell, Suzanne Reimburse 21.60
Precision Alignment & Repair Inc. Service 616.68
Ranniger, Royce Official 125.00
Reinking, Jody Reimburse 58.00
Remsen Union Community School Carl Perkins 11,364.11
Rentokil North America, Inc. Pest Control 129.93
Rick’s Computers Computer Supplies/Service 2,240.00
Riley, Dylan Official 125.00
River Valley Comm. School Open Enroll/Spec Ed 18,940.18
Rolfes, Mark Official 125.00
Rolling Oil Co. Gasoline-Oil/Service 6,616.44
Sam’s Club/Gecf Supplies 2,232.36
Sanford, Denny Official 180.00
Sanitary Services Garbage Service 703.00
Schaeuble, Shelly Reimbursement 19.54
School Specialty LLC Instr. Supplies 475.97
Schroeder, Adam Official 80.00
Schroeder, Jackie Reimbursement 21.60
Schroeder, Kim Reimburse 22.50
Schultz, Kevin Official 125.00
Secure Benefits Systems Flex Plan Fees 4,553.66
Slaughter, Jason Official 125.00
Snakenberg, Seth Reimbursement 181.17
Stanwick, Maggie Reimburse 8.78
Staples Advantage Supplies 381.89
Stewart, Wayne Reimburse 85.00
Stowers, Ron Official 125.00
Stubbs, Blake Official 90.00
Sunnybrook Flowers, Supplies 41.00
Thompson Solutions Group Services 230.00
Timberline Billing Service LLC Medicaid Services 293.78
Tricor Direct D.B.A. Seton Productsbar Code Labels 47.08
Uhl, Jason Official 125.00
Verizon Wireless Phone Service 200.05
Vonhagel, Curt Official 180.00
Wayne State College Entry Fee 50.00
Wells Fargo Financial Leasing Inc. Copier Lease 625.48
West Sioux High School Entry Fee 100.00
Western Iowa Tech Comm College Dues/Fees 22,438.00
Western Valley Conference Conf-erence Gate Receipts 4,335.00
Wielenga, Jodie Official 125.00
Wiese, Rob Reimbursement.. 180.45
Wilcox, John Official 90.00
Williams & Company Communications Services 840.00

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Thursday, February 23, 2023

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