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Pierson City Council Minutes — March 29, 2023

Pierson City Council
Wednesday, March 29

The Pierson City Council met in special session on Wednesday March 29th at 6:30PM. Mayor Struve called the meeting to order and all council were present. Chad Kehrt and Forrest Aldrich representing Veenstra and Kimm engineering, presented several options for wastewater treatment options. After much discussion on cost and timelines, councilmen Bubke motioned to have V&K prepare an agreement to start creating a facility plan for a 3-cell lagoon and present the agreement at the April 12th meeting for review and final acceptance. The motion was seconded by Krier, all voted aye; carried. Motion by McQueen, seconded by Saxen to have V&K review system valves to be able to isolate sections of town in case of water service disruptions, all voted aye; carried. Motion by McQueen, seconded by Bubke to support a county wide 2-mile wind turbine set back from city limits, all voted aye; carried. Motion by Sistrunk to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Krier, carried.

Jeanette Beekman, City Clerk

Published in The Record
Thursday, April 6, 2023

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