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Bob’s DSM Bulletin (April 28, 2023)

Bills that passed the House
SF 250 – Disbursements from the computer science professional development incentive fund
SF 318 – Registered Apprenticeship Act
SF 329 – Leaves of absence for civil employees performing state active duty, national guard duty, federal active duty, civil air patrol duty, or national disaster medical system duty
SF 362 – Conforming statute of limitations provisions related to the fraud in assisted reproduction Act
SF 391 – Education programs
SF 418 – Investment of certain public funds in certain companies
SF 478 – State auditor information access
SF 496 – Parental rights in education
HF 158 – Alcohol beverage control concerning product placement and inducements by manufacturers and wholesalers
HF 358 – Eluding or attempting to elude a pursuing law enforcement vehicle
HF 474 – Placement of custody of a newborn infant under newborn safe haven Act
HF 478 – Alcoholic beverage control relating to brewpubs and alternating proprietorship arrangements for beer manufacturers
HF 681 – Exempting from the sales and use tax the sales price of tangible personal property or specified digital products sold and services furnished to a county or district fair
HF 687 – Police officers and fire fighters concerning civil service entrance evaluations and benefits for members of the municipal fire and police retirement system
HF 703 – Hoover presidential library tax credit available against the individual and corporate income taxes, franchise tax, insurance premiums tax, and moneys and credits
HF 714 – Merchant line franchise petition requirements
HF 717 – Assessment and valuation of property rented or leased to certain low-income individuals and families
HF 718 – Local government funding by modifying school district funding provisions, property tax calculation provisions, local government budgeting and bonding procedures, making transfers

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