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Woodbury Central School Board Agenda — June 12, 2023

Woodbury Central Community School Agenda
Regular Board Meeting
High School Library
Moville, Iowa
7:30 p.m.
June 12, 2023

1. Opening
a. Call to order
b. Roll call
c. Approve or amend the agenda
d. Approve minutes
e. Approve bills
2. Visitor/Community Comments
3. Hearing on Transfer of Funds to Flexibility Account – Move to July 10, 2023
4. Approve Transfer of Funds to Flexibility Account – Move to July 10, 2023
5. Approve Transfer of Funds to the Activity Account for safety equipment
6. Policies and Procedures:
a. Approve Open Enroll In
b. Notification of Open Enroll Out:
7. Buildings, Grounds and Transportation:
a. Approve camera purchase
b. Approve water drainage
c. Change order 1: Biology sink
8. Personnel:
a. Approve resignations:
b. Adjust payment for years of service:
c. Adjust pay for nurse/administrator classroom teaching
d. Offer contracts:
i. MS Cheer
ii. HS Girls Assistant Basketball
iii. Food Service
iv. Shared Head of Maintenance
v. TLC Positions
vi. Bus Driver
e. Approve volunteer coaches
f. Elementary Secretary
9. Co-Curricular: Conference gate fees: $6 – Do we want to offer a pass?
10. Board Items
a. Approve student insurance provider
b. Approve Insurance Quote
c. Approve Bread Bids
d. Approve Dairy Bids
e. For the good of the cause
11. Adjourn

Published in The Record
Thursday, June 8, 2023

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