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Pierson City Council Minutes — June 14, 2023

Pierson City Council
Wednesday, June 14

The Pierson City Council met in regular session on Wednesday, June 14, 2023. Mayor Struve called the meeting to order at 7PM. Council in attendance: Krier, McQueen, Bubke, Saxen. Motion to approve the consent agenda was made by Bubke, seconded by McQueen; all aye; carried. Items on the consent agenda included minutes from May, May financials, claims and disbursements through June 14 and a building permit for 200 Main St for a fence.
Motion by Saxen, seconded by Bubke to approve Resolution 2023-13 A resolution setting the compensation for employees for FY 2024. All voted aye; carried.
Motion by Krier, seconded by McQueen to advertise for sealed bids on the South St. property with the following stipulations: within 3 years of the executed contract the purchaser must complete new construction of at least one structure with total improvements to the property having a minimum assessed value of $75,000. The sale will be on contract and warranty deed delivered to the buyer upon fulfillment of the contract.
Motion by Saxen to purchase a new refrigerator for the community building and to replace the refrigerator in the shelter house with the one the Housing Corp is getting rid of, seconded by Bubke; all aye; carried.
Discussed sewer line on Hillcrest get quotes and repair.
Motion by Saxen, seconded by McQueen to contract propane at the same amount as last year and to do a summer fill, all aye; carried.
Motion by McQueen, seconded by Krier to place one story trail around the wildflower area and another in Jenny Battern Park; all aye; carried.
From the clerk: getting quotes on installing 8 valves in the water system, and there is still 34 meters left to change out.
Motion to adjourn from Saxen, seconded by McQueen; carried.

Jeanette Beekman, City Clerk

Amazon park swing $146.56
Iowa DNR certifications x2.. $241.50
Wellmark insurance $3,264.52
REC electric $285.82
MidAmerican electric $1,268.86
MidAmerican electric $76.31
Frontier phone/internet $103.84
GEMT fees $12.07
IPERS pension $941.48
United States Treasury
withholding $1,305.70
Iowa Dept of Rev wet tax $299.61
REC electric $51.34
Clark’s Hardware supplies $207.06
New Coop fuel $304.78
Menards street patch $156.64
ACE Engine supplies fd $249.43
WiaTel computer/printer
fd $1,440.00
Postmaster postage/
certified $20.73
Rehab Systems emergency Sewer
line $985.00
USA Blue Book valves,
reagents $289.94
Woodbury EMS assists $2,100.00
Western Insurance Agency work comp prem $629.00
Siouxland Proud advert $350.00

Published in The Record
Thursday, June 22, 2023

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