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Woodbury Central School Board Agenda — July 10, 2023

Woodbury Central Community School
Regular Board Meeting
Woodbury Central Library
Moville, Iowa
7:30 p.m.
July 10, 2023

1. Opening

a. Call to order

b. Roll call

c. Approve or amend the agenda

d. Approve minutes

e. Approve bills

2. Visitor/Community Comments

3. Hearing on Transfer of Funds to Flexibility Account: Move to August 14, 2023 at 7:30 pm

4. Approve Transfer of Funds to the Flexibility Account: Move to August 14, 2023

5. Policies and Procedures

a. Review Board Policy (changes necessary to comply with new legislation)

b. Review Board Policy: Series 500

c. Notification of Open Enrollment In

d. Notification of Open Enrollment Out

6. Personnel:

a. Accept resignations

b. Insurance for head cook and secretaries

c. Offer/Adjust contracts

i. MS Language Arts/Reading

ii. MS Special Education

iii. HS Mathematics

iv. Elementary Lead Team

v. Para Professional

vi. Home School Assistance

vii. Assistant Technology

7. Building/Grounds/Transportation:

a. Update on summer projects

b. Approve change orders

8. Board Items

a. Approve investments

b. Approve depositories

c. Appoint Secretary/Treasurer for 2023-2024

d. Approve Sharing Agreements

e. Appoint school attorney and negotiations agent

f. Approve fees

g. Approve Substitute Teacher Pay

h. Approve stipends

i. Administrative/Nurse Teaching

ii. Involuntary Transfer

iii. Assigned additional teaching

i. For the Good of the Cause

9. Adjourn

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