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Maple Valley/Anthon-Oto Agenda — July 19, 2023

• Date: Wednesday, July 19. 2023
• Time: 7:00 PM
• Place: Central Office Boardroom, Mapleton, Iowa

I. Opening of Meeting
A. Call to Order
B. Roll Call and Declaration of Quorum

II. Communications
A. Public Forum
B. Correspondence

III. Consent Agenda
A. Approval of Agenda
B. Minutes Attachment #1
C. Financial Reports Attachment #2
D. General and Schoolhouse Bills Attachment #3
E. Activity Account Attachment #4
F. School Meal Program Attachment #5

IV. Approval of Annual Reports
A. Secretary’s/Treasurer’s Reports for Filing Attachment #6
B. End-of-Year Administrative Budget Reports
1. Activity Accounts
Attachment #7
2. School Lunch Program Attachment #8
IV. Opening of New Fiscal Year
A. Appointment and Swearing in of School Board Secretary/Treasurer Enclosure B1
B. Designation of School District Depository Banks as per Policy 701.1 .Enclosure B2
C. Designation of Legal Counsel for District as per Policy 207 Enclosure B3
D. Authorization to Participate in the Free/Reduced Cost National School Lunch/Breakfast Program

V. Action Items
A. Employee Resignations/Contract Modifications/Hiring Enclosure C1
B. Approval of Elementary, Middle School, and High School Handbooks Enclosure C2
C. Fundraiser Request Enclosure C3
D. Student Insurance Policy Enclosure C4
E. Appointment of Title IX Designated Positions for 2023-2024 Enclosure C5
F. Facility Upgrades Enclosure C6

VI. Superintendent’s Report

VII. Adjourn
The board may continue to meet in an exempt session regarding: employee salaries/benefits/working conditions.

Notice: Attachments contain information for-the-record to be included with the Board Meeting minutes.
Enclosures include background material for consideration by Board Members prior to and during the meeting.

Published in The Record
Thursday, July 13, 2023

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