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Kingsley-Pierson Minutes & Bills — September 11, 2023

Kingsley-Pierson Community School
September 11, 2023

The meeting was called to order by President Collins at 7:00 p.m.

Present Members: Haggin, Herbold and Plendl. Bubke absent

Motion was brought by Plendl, seconded by Herbold to approve the agenda. All voted aye, motion carried.

Motion was made by Herbold, seconded by Plendl to approve the August minutes. All voted aye, motion carried.

Motion was brought by Herbold, seconded by Plendl, to approve listed bills in the amounts of $113,469.45 from the general fund, $71,872.43 from schoolhouse, $19,958.69 from lunch fund, $702.96 Pierson activity fund and $22,655.43 from the Kingsley activity fund. All voted aye, motion carried.

On the financial review, the expenses outweighed the revenue for the month. The operating expenses increased due to facility projects this summer with the Shop renovation and painting in the Kingsley school. Thanks to Bill Seuntjens. SUI Insurance, our equipment breakdown insurance carrier reached out to brainstorm and create efficiencies in their claim process. I’ll be working with them in October. MidStates Bank reviewed their ACH annual review. Rebecca Pedersen relayed the importance of double checking valid bank accounts due to the increased amount of cybercrime. September is an extremely busy time for State reporting. The CAR, SES and Transportation report due on September 15. The FY23 audit will be October 23 with Nolte, Corman & Johnson. MidStates Bank’s August interest rate for Kingsley-Pierson School is 4.52%. School nomination papers maybe picked up in the Kingsley office. The last date to file nomination papers is September 21, 2023 by 5:00 p.m. No exceptions. Motion by Plendl, seconded by Herbold to approve the financial report. All voted aye, motion carried.

Principal Wiese
Day 12 completed at KP. HS “3 Week” Grades on 9/12/23. Homecoming 2023. The candidates are for Queen: Jorja Howe, Kara Nelson, Jaya Phillips, and Emma Sitzmann. The candidates for King include Brady Collins, Beau Goodwin, Vincent Koelling, and Kaden Kraft. There are a lot of activities that already started yesterday that go through Saturday with a dance. Grandparents/Special Friends Day #35 was a success. “Thank You” to Megan Thompson. Kim Saxen helping the Book Fair, Mr. Schroeder’s publication’s class for the Photo Booth and a special “Thanks” goes to the student council (Jody/Randi)!
Thanks again to the KP Booster Club. Student testing for FAST K-4 (Formative Assessment Solutions for Teachers) *Reading/Math is in progress for this Fall. The Panther Brag Board Resumed to showcase the student’s work in the commons. The mandatory drills for Fire and Tornado are complete. Senior Nights for VB will be 10/12, FB and Cheer (already held). Play Auditions held last week for the Musical: “Mary Poppins” directed by Mr. Cotter and Mrs. Bobolz. Performances will be 11/3 and 11/4.

Principal Brand
We began our year with a back to school assembly to discuss expectations along with some activities to start the year. Additionally, we held a PBIS expectations re-teaching on August 25th to review expectations in each area of the school. It has been a great start to the year! There has been a lot of professional learning and new ideas for our staff. Reading and Language Arts are implementing the new curriculum. On September 1st, we had our first professional development day which was a great time to collaborate about the start of the year. Additionally, administratively we met with our AEA supports and elementary and middle school teachers learned about Numeracy Project for math interventions. Middle School Voted for student council at the beginning of September. Student council has an additional role this year; they will be selling popcorn for middle school athletics and activities.
Our subbing situation is currently a bit of struggle, but so far we have been able to manage it. We have had 3 weeks of PBIS winners now. Shout out to our booster club for helping us stock our Staff appreciation carts for this school year. I am very excited in the direction that our math is going. We now have 4th -8th grade trying a curriculum that is highly recommended and was used last year by Kate Goodwin, which displayed excellent results. Our middle school language arts has been able to go to South O’Brien and observe to see the curriculum in action along with getting helpful insight. We held a moment of silence and we announce the timeline of events to describe the September 11th attacks. We did this today through the morning to teach the students all of what happened 22 years ago. Shout out to Bill Seuntjens, he worked on the entrance to the gym over Labor Day weekend. It looks awesome. He painted the floor, walls, ceiling, and cabinets. It looks like a different place! Also, thank you to our Booster club for providing $20 to each staff member and t-shirts for each staff member and student.

Supt. Bailey
Mr. Bailey introduced Caitlyn Brand, she works in both Kingsley and Pierson in the MS/HS Special Education program. Many State Reports are due on the 15th: CSIP (Comprehensive School Improvement Plan), TAG, Reports in CASA, ELI (Early Literacy Implementation), Transportation Report, Title I Reports,  Annual Assurances, Allocations and Transfers – Transfer money from Title IV to Title IIA (Class Size Reduction). Assurances for Proper Test Administration and Fire Extinguisher Inspection tomorrow. Bus Inspection September 28th. IASB Convention in November.  Continued Sharing Discussion 2:2 with River Valley on September 21 @ 7:00pm. There are 3 seasons for E-sports.  Fall, Winter and Spring.  They are off and running with their Fall competitions.


2023 Legislative Resolutions
Motion by Herbold, seconded by Plendl accepted the legislative priorities including Sharing and reorganizing, Teacher recruitment and licensure, Teacher professional development and retention, Supplemental State Aid and Mental Health. All in favor, motion carried.

Space Settlement Design Competition
Motion by Herbold, seconded by Haggin to approve to send students on the NASA trip. All in favor, motion carried.

Motion by Herbold, seconded by Plendl to approve the resignation of Anna Mae Pippett pending suitable replacement. All in favor, motion carried.

Contract Recommendations
Motion by Herbold, seconded by Plendl to approve Brandon Borkowski, as JH Co-Head Football coach and Rachel Adkins as an Aide. All in favor, motion carried.

Facility Projects Update
On the Football field, Cardis has completed the fence. In Pierson, Rasmussen Electrical is completing work on the new boiler. They anticipate to be done next week.

Fundraiser Requests – None
Motion by Herbold, seconded by Plendl to approve the two athletic fundraisers for the athletic department. One will be a fundraiser for driveway stencils and flags. The second one will be a discount card.

Motion by Herbold, seconded by Plendl to adjourn at 8:08 p.m.

Laurie Schweitzberger, Board Secretary
Jason Collins, Board President

Kingsley-Pierson CSD Newspaper Report
Aberson Construction Building construction 7,394.99
Ahlers & Cooney, P.C. Legal Services 174.00
Amazon Capital Services Inc. Supplies 5,466.62
American Pop Corn Co. Fund Raising Supplies 301.00
Auditor State Of Iowa Audit Filing Fee 425.00
Badar, Heather Official 125.00
Badar, Tracey Official 140.00
Bailey, Amy Reimbursement.. 135.59
Beelner’s Service Inc. Plumbing/Heating Repairs 5,718.73
Bohle Construction LLC Services 1,370.00
Bomgaars Supplies 1,601.78
Bottjen Implement Supplies 62.82
Brand, Adam Reimbursement..30.15
Brand, Caitlyn Reimbursement 52.65
Card Service Center Credit Card Pymt 3,056.79
Cardio Partners Inc.
Supplies 833.94
Cardis Mfg Co. Fencing Materials/Repairs 11,760.00
Carol’s Kitchen Services 50.00
Ceramic Shop LLC, The Art equipment 8,951.36
Champion Teamwear Supplies 733.98
Character Strong LLC Supplies 999.00
Chemsearch Maint. Supplies 1,200.35
Chesterman Fundraising Supplies 700.38
City Of Kingsley Water/Sewer 2,527.46
City Of Pierson Water/Sewer 73.45
Clark’s Hardware LLC Misc. Supplies 1,789.23
Craig, Donald Official 125.00
Cronin, Kent Or Sheila Reimbursement 929.07
CW Suter Services Heat-Vent Repairs/Service 1,479.12
Department Of Administrative Services 403(B) Fees 600.00
Des Moines Stamp Mfg Co. Rubber Stamps 33.00
Dollar General Corporation Supplies 400.00
Dunwell LLC Services 720.00
Dutch Bakery LLC Supplies 148.80
Eakes Supply Supplies 2,832.87
East Side Jersey Dairy, Inc. Supplies 115.52
Ebert, Steve Official 140.00
FEH Associates Inc. Architectural Study 1,775.00
First Cooperative Association Fuel, Supplies 334.04
Fitch, Heather Reimburse 22.50
Fleet Us LLC Supplies 1,431.00
Flinn Scientific Inc. Instr. Supplies 236.81
Freese, Ryan Official 140.00
Frontier Communications Telephone Service 582.69
Goodwill Of Great Plains Tuition 425.75
Groepper, Sara Reimbursement 12.15
H & H Roofing Roofing Services 385.00
Kingsley-Pierson CSD Newspaper Report Page: 2
Hauff Mid-America Sports Inc. Supplies 9,080.66
Hillyard/Sioux Falls Janitorial Supplies 430.55
Hobart Sales & Service Repairs/Service 5,085.00
Home Depot Pro Supplies 774.60
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Textbooks 11,950.95
IA Girls Coaches Association Membership Dues 75.00
IA High School Athletic Directors Membership Dues 180.00
IA High School Music Assoc. Membership Dues 25.00
IA High School Speech Assoc. Membership Dues 75.00
IA State Dance/Drill Team Assoc. Membership Dues 311.00
Iowa Association Of Track Coaches Membership Dues 55.00
Iowa Communications Network Services 27.95
Iowa Football Coaches Assoc. Membership Dues 55.00
Iowa High School Athletic Assn Membership Dues 285.00
Iowa Information Inc. Advertising 518.25
Jenness, Greg Official 140.00
Johnson, Kimberly Official 125.00
Jolly Time Koated Kernels LLC Fundraiser supplies 425.00
Jostens, Inc. Supplies 46.05
JW Pepper & Son Inc. Music Supplies 87.99
K-P After Prom Softener Salt 440.00
Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co. Instr Supplies 742.40
KMK Apparel & Design LLC Printing Supplies 478.00
Knova’s Carpets, Inc. Carpet 9,531.26
Koelling, Karl Reimburse 492.96
Kooima, Jordyn Reimburse 50.13
Laminating And Binding Solutions, Inc. Supplies 132.94
Lammers Automotive Vehicle Repairs 1,167.75
Lawton-Bronson Schools Dues/Fees 100.00
Lindsey, Todd Services 200.00
Lumber Pros Lumber Supplies 112.90
Lunchtime Solutions Inc. Food Service 15,322.04
Malsam, Jennifer Official 125.00
Matheson Tri-Gas Inc. Instr. Supplies 208.87
Mccormick-Guntren Music Corp Supplies 367.80
Menards-Sioux City Supplies 1,423.95
Mid American Energy Company Gas/Elec Service 13,335.09
Mid-Step Services Services 2,205.00
Mid-West 3d Solutions, LLC Mower 750.00
Midstates Bank/Randi Anstine Start-up Book Fair 300.00
Mobilityworks Of Tea Bus Repair 162.75
Music Theatre International Instructional Supplies 2,104.06
Nasco Instr Supplies 215.65
New Cooperative Inc. Fuel, Maintenance Supply 98.43
Northwest AEA Instr. Supplies 5.41
Northwest Iowa Band Association Membership Dues 25.00
Omaha Truck Center Inc Dba Truck Center Companies West School Bus Equipment 355.21
Paper Corporation, The Paper 4,620.48
Pfeifer, James Official 140.00
Puttmann, Todd Official 140.00
Rentokil North America, Inc. Pest Control 142.92
Rick’s Computers Computer Supplies/Service 33,888.00
Riddell/All American Sports Corp. Athletic Equip/Reconditioning 2,349.62
Rolling Oil Co. Gasoline-Oil/Service 1,131.11
Russell, Lewis Official 140.00
Sam’s Club/Gecf Supplies 1,124.90
Sanitary Services Garbage Service 703.00
Savvas Learning Company LLC Supplies 4,731.48
Schilling, Matthew Official 140.00
Scholastic Inc. Instr Supplies 84.93
School Specialty LLC Instr. Supplies 10,824.07
Schroeder, Jackie Reimbursement 36.00
Schroeder, Steven Reimbursement 48.36
Secure Benefits Systems Flex Plan Fees 4,839.95
Slaughter, Brandon Official 140.00
Slaughter, Jason Official 140.00
South Central Calhoun Entry Fee 100.00
Staples Advantage Supplies 2,977.60
Stukent, Inc. Inst Supplies 1,000.00
Superior Sound And Lighting Services 650.00
Teacher Synergy LLC Inst Subscription 4,400.00
Team Dynamics Supplies 272.00
Thompson Solutions Group Services 340.00
Time Clock Plus Time Clock Software 41.14
Trophies Plus Inc. Award Pins 235.23
United Bank Of Iowa Start-up MS Fundraiser 200.00
US Postal Service Mailing Permit/Postage 108.00
Verizon Wireless Services 80.02
Wells Fargo Financial Leasing Inc. Copier Lease 625.48
Wexbank Vehicle Gas Expense 142.02
Wiatel Phone Service 59.75
Wiese, Rob Reimbursement 48.00
Williams & Company Communications Services 560.00
Winkler Roofing Inc. Services 2,450.00

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Thursday, September 21, 2023

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