Kingsley Hometown Christmas 2018

Kingsley's Hometown Christmas celebration held at the K-P School on Saturday, November 24, 2018.  This album contains three pages of pictures from the event, courtesy of The Record's Pam Clark.

Misc. School Photos

This album contains several photos from our local schools, including photos from Veterans Day assemblies at both Lawton-Bronson and Woodbury Central.

Combining Corn (November 13, 2018)

These pictures from The Record's Pam Clark show corn being combined south of Kingsley on Tuesday, November 13.

Snow Pictures from November 9, 2018

The Record's Pam Clark took these pictures from our snowfall on Friday, November 9.

A new record low was also set that day, with Sioux City reporting a low of -8° and Moville coming in at -7° (The previous record was -12° in 1945).

Beautiful Fall Leaves

The Record's Pam Clark took these beautiful pictures of the fall leaves around town.  Several of them are from Pierson, and three are from the Lutheran Church parking lot in Moville.

Trunk or Treat 2018

Pictures from Kingsley's annual Trunk or Treat event

Fall Photos from Pierson

Pierson has some beautiful old homes, some lovely trees all decked out in fall colors, and a historic rejuvenation and rededication of their World War I monument.  You can see it all in these photos from The Record's Pam Clark.  (Preview image: Christian Church)

Snow Pictures from October 14, 2018

Even though it was only mid-October, local residents woke up to a snowy morning on Sunday, October 14.  (Photos by Pam Clark of The Record)

Misc. Photos from Homecoming 2018

Misc. photos from Homecoming week activities and dress-up days at our local schools  (Preview image: Braille, Easton, and Jera Ebert dressed up as "nerds" during River Valley's Homecoming week).

Woodbury Central Homecoming Parade 2018

Pictures from Woodbury Central's annual parade (Preview image: Miah Manker and Jim Moss).

Lawton-Bronson Homecoming Parade 2018

Pictures from L-B's annual Homecoming parade and pep rally.  There are 3 pages of photos in this album.

Kingsley-Pierson Homecoming Parade 2018

Two dozen photos from Kingsley-Pierson's 2018 Homecoming parade

1950's & 1960's Homecoming Photos from Robert Nielsen

Several classic Homecoming photos from 1950's and 1960's Moville.  All of these pictures are from Robert Nielsen, a professional photographer who is also the son of former Moville dentist Owen "Obie" Nielsen.  (We've recently added six new photos from the 1950's, including the preview image.)

Woodbury County Fair 2018 -- Wednesday photos

Pictures from Wednesday's events at the Woodbury County Fair (There are two pages of photos in this album)

Woodbury County Fair 2018 -- Thursday photos

Pictures from Thursday's events at the fair.  (There are two pages of photos in this album)

Woodbury County Fair 2018 -- Friday photos

Misc. photos from Friday's events at the fair

Woodbury County Fair 2018 -- Saturday photos

Photos from Saturday's events at the fair

Woodbury County Fair 2018 -- Sunday photos & Misc. Photos

Photos from Sunday's events at the fair, along with several misc. photos

Woodbury County Fair 2018 -- Kids' Contests

Photos from the kids' contests on Kids' Day at the fair

August Fest 2018

This album contains dozens of photos from Kingsley's August Fest celebration.

Lawton Fest 2018

Photos from the 2018 Lawton Fest celebration

Demo Derby 2018

Photos from the Woodbury County Fair's annual Demo Derby

Woodbury County Fair 2018 -- Bucket Calf Parade

These photos are from the bucket calf parade at the fair.  The kids dressed up themselves and their calves and led their calves around the fairgrounds. Such creativity!  (Preview image: Tyan Beck and Ferdinand.  Note that there are 2 pages of photos in this album).

Woodbury County Fair 2018 -- Bottle Goat Show

These were the first and second classes of bottle goats -- just some random shots.

Woodbury County Fair 2018 -- Photos from before the fair

These photos were taken on Tuesday, July 31 -- the evening before the Woodbury County Fair opened.  The grounds are bustling with the entering of livestock. The bucket calf barn was full, the 4-H calves were already getting baths, the Midway was in the process of going up and open class judging was completed.  (Preview image: Harrison and Oscar Clark with their calves)

Coop Classic 2018

Here are a few photos at the 2018 Coop Classic. They had a great turnout. There's also one photo of the motorcycles sitting out in front of Scootch's.

Pierson Fun Days 2018

This album contains 27 pictures from Pierson Fun Days 2018.

"Horse Race" Golf Tournaments

These are photos from two "horse race" golf tournaments held recently -- one in Moville and one in Kingsley.

Misc. Pictures -- June 2018

The Record's Pam Clark took these photos from various events  around Recordland in June 2018.  The month had many family reunions, Farmer's Markets, ball games, Girls State and more.  (Preview image: These ladies from our communities were honored at the retirement of the Women in the Military exhibit at the Betty Strong Encounter Center. They are Mary Lou Guthridge and Lois Wright, Moville, Donna Shaw, Mapleton, and Molly Griffin, Kingsley. They each received the photos that were taken by the Sioux City Journal when they did stories on each of these women, as well as several others from the area).

Colt Cadets Drum Corps Practice

The Colt Cadets, a drum corps from Dubuque, recently practiced at Woodbury Central before their competition at Morningside College.    

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