2017 Lawton-Bronson Homecoming Parade

Photos from the 2017 Lawton-Bronson Homecoming parade.  The parade was held Friday, September 15. (See the album below this one for photos from the pep rally that took place afterwards.)

Lawton-Bronson -- 2017 Homecoming pep rally

Photos from the Lawton-Bronson's 2017 Homecoming pep rally, which took place right after the Homecoming parade on Friday, September 15  (See the album right above this one for photos from the parade.)

2017 Lawton Fire Dept. Pancake Breakfast

Pictures from the Lawton Fire Department's annual pancake breakfast, which took place September 16, 2017.  The proceeds from the breakfast help the department purchase important rescue equipment. (Photos by Pam Clark of The Record)

Misc. Happenings in Kingsley -- Week of Sept. 11, 2017

Photos from various happenings in Kingsley during the week of September 11, 2017.  The events that are pictured include Larry Guthridge chopping silage (shown in the preview image); the K-P school board election; street closings in Kingsley; K-P kids riding their mopeds to school; squirrels gathering food for the winter; and the flag on Kingsley's Main Street flying at half-staff on Monday in memorial of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.  (Photos by Pam Clark of The Record)

Football -- River Valley vs. Kingsley-Pierson

Photos by Blake Stubbs of The Record

Football -- River Valley vs. Clay Central Everly

Photos by Blake Stubbs of The Record

Rodeo Pictures

Photos by Blake Stubbs of The Record

Rainbow Pictures (August 26, 2017)

These pictures from August 26 show the rainbow that our area recently saw.  The first few pictures are from Eric Hanson of Lawton, and the rest of them are from Pam Clark of The Record.

Woodbury Co. Fair 2017 -- Misc. Photos

Photos from all aspects of the 2017 Woodbury County Fair. There are photos from the cat contest, the sheep and bucket calf shows, the pie eating contest, and more. (All photos by Pam Clark of The Record)

Woodbury Co. Fair 2017 -- Critter Cupcakes, Ugly Cake Contest & Seasonal Cookie Decorating

These were some of the critter cupcakes made by kids that were entered in that contest.  There are also photos from the ugly cake contest and the seasonal cookie decorating contest.  (Photos by Pam Clark of The Record)

Woodbury Co. Fair 2017 -- Poultry Show & Bottle Goat Show

Some pictures from the poultry show and the bottle goat show at the Woodbury County Fair, courtesy of The Record's Pam Clark.

1950s County Fair & Other Classic Photos from Robert Nielsen

Photographer Robert Nielsen, the son of former Moville dentist Dr. Owen "Obie" Nielsen, has been posting many classic photos from around the area.  (The preview image on the left shows the Woodbury County Fair in the 1950s).

Vacation Bible School Program - Bethel Lutheran Church in Lawton
Bethel Lutheran Church in Lawton hosted their annual Vacation Bible School July 24-27, 2017. Last Thursday night, they presented their closing program for their parents. There were 95 children who enjoyed the 4-day VBS. They made lots of crafts. The group was led by interim Pastor Ralph Storey and Kara Thompson, who painted the animals to illustrate the Bible School theme of God's Grace.
Pierson Fun Days 2017

Photos from Pierson's annual Fun Days, which were held July 14 and 15.  All photos by Pam Clark of The Record.

New Playground Installation in Kingsley

All day Friday and Saturday, July 14 and 15, volunteers showed up at the Kingsley City Park to help install the new playground equipment that is ADA Compliant with State regulations. The committee raised over $48,000 (which includes the donation made by the Kingsley Fire Dept. of "Freddie, the Fire Truck" (a $6,000 value) to make this project a reality

4th of July Photos -- 2017

These are photos from Bronson's recent 4th of July celebration, along with a few more photos that Felicia Christensen sent to us on our Facebook page.  (The photo in the thumbnail is from Felicia.  It is a picture of Vern Hair's tractor).

Anthon Freedom Rock Photos

Photos from Anthon's Freedom Rock.  See more pictures and a story about the rock in the July 6 edition of The Record.

Moville Days 2017

Moville Days 2017 was celebrated June 9-11.  Highlights included, the annual parade, a car show, and a concert by Moville's own Kelsey K (Kelsey Klingensmith) on Saturday night.

Plymouth County Freedom Rock

Ray "Bubba" Sorensen II has been in Kingsley since Monday painting Plymouth County's Freedom Rock--his 60th Iowa County rock so far and only 39 more to go.  The four faces of Plymouth County's Freedom Rock located at the Kingsley Community Center. Sorensen anticipates finishing up this project commemorating the service of Plymouth County's Veterans, by Tuesday.  See complete story in this week's Record.


Lumber Pros Open House

Photos from the open house at Lumber Pros in Kingsley on Friday, June 9, 2017

Kingsley-Pierson Little League Photos

All photos from Bobier Portrait Studio

Peonies at Arlington Township Cemetery

These photos are from The Record's Pam Clark.  She writes, "Last week at Arlington Township Cemetery, the peonies were in full bloom. My great grandfather Charles Ford and his son, Art planted all these beautiful plants many years ago. They are a living legacy to these two men who were sextons at the cemetery for a combined total of 70 years. Our current sexton, Clint Thomsen, and his assistant, Jeff Locke, have done a marvelous job this spring of keeping the cemetery mowed and trimmed. It looks beautiful.  Thanks, guys, for all your hard work."

Eagles & Other Birds from Pam Clark

The Record's Pam Clark took these photos last week of the Midway eagles.  One parent is always on guard in a nearby tree. If anyone approaches it gives the signal for the eaglets to duck down in the nest. 

Pam also spotted a robin's nest with 3 little ones, right beside the door going into the Moville Senior Center.  And there is an owl photo as well.

Bob & Rae Doversberger's Iris Bed

The Record's Pam Clark drove past Bob & Rae Doversberger's iris bed on E 2nd St. It's just gorgeous with all flowers in bloom.

Pouring cement at Lumber Pros (May 23, 2017)

This was the scene across the street from The Record's Kingsley office on May 23. Lumber Pros are pouring cement for their new sidewalk. They're amazingly fast--yesterday they tore up the old and hauled it away and today they're pouring the new cement. (Photos by Pam Clark of The Record)

Purple Martins in Kingsley

The purple martins have returned to Kingsley, and The Record's Pam Clark has taken some pictures of these beautiful birds.

Bird Pictures from Roger Wilson

Roger Wilson recently sent us these bird pictures with the following information:

"Here are two not-so-commonly seen Iowa birds that my son-in-law, Joris van Drunen Little, took photos of on the Fanchon Haddock farm this Sunday. The first one is a towhee. I think it gets its name from the song it sings which sounds like “toe” “hee”. The second one is the rose-breasted grosbeak, which sings a very beautiful song."

Corn Planting North of Moville (May 12, 2017)

The Record's Pam Clark took these photos of corn planting north of Moville on May 12.

Demolition of Burned Home (May 15, 2017)

On Monday, May 15, Schumacher Construction of Correctionville began the job of demolishing the burned home at 203 State Street in Anthon. The home burned last year in June and was a complete loss. (Photos by Karen Newman of The Record)

Spring Photos Near Kingsley (May 8, 2017)

The Record's Pam Clark took these photos on my way to Kingsley on Monday. The mother owl was perched outside the nest watching over her sleeping owlets, which you can see nestled down in the nest. The corn planting photo was taken just about 3 miles south of Kingsley. She was able to get a shot of one of the eaglets. (The other one ducked down when she got out of my car.)

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